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Causes of the American Revolution By Mrs. Moscov.

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1 Causes of the American Revolution By Mrs. Moscov

2 The Colonies and Britain Grow Apart  Problems began after the French and Indian War  The British Parliament began to pass new laws on the colonists to get money to pay for the war  Proclamation of 1763 said that colonists could not move west of the Appalachian Mountains and gave it to the Native Americans

3 Quartering Act  King George III ordered a law that made colonists have to let British troops stay in their house (quarters) and give them supplies if needed.

4 Britain needs money  Britain needed money to pay for the French and Indian war.  In 1764, passed the Sugar Act, which placed a tax on sugar, molasses and other products shipped to the colonies.  Made colonists angry

5 Stamp Act  In 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp Act which made colonists buy and place stamps on diplomas, contracts,and newspapers.  Leaders such as Patrick Henry protested and believed it was unfair because they had no voice in Parliament

6 Colonists Protest Stamp Act  “Taxation without representation”  Delegates drew up a petition to the king  Wanted colonial assemblies to have control, not Parliament  Began a boycott on British goods  Sons of Liberty

7 Townshend Acts  In 1767 this plan was passed by Parliament to help raise revenue in the colonies  Stopped assemblies from meeting until colonists agreed to house troops.  Writs of Assistance- search warrants for smuggled goods

8 Samuel Adams and Sons of Liberty  Led protest against Townshend Acts  Sons of Liberty group asked shops to not by goods from Britain  Trade dropped  Riots broke out when British officials searched for smuggled goods

9 The Boston Massacre  In 1768, 1000 British soldiers arrived in Boston and took regular jobs to earn extra money. This upset colonist workers and tension was growing.  In 1770, violence broke out when British soldiers fired on colonists for making insults.  5 colonists were killed and outraged the people in Boston.

10 The Tea Act  After the massacre, Parliament did away with all taxes, except that on Tea.  A group called the Committee of Correspondence wrote letters to colonists alerted them of the tax on tea.

11 The Boston Tea Party  On December 16, 1773, a group of colonists dressed up as Native Americans and boarded 3 tea ships in Boston’s harbor.  They dumped 342 chests into the water to protest the tax on tea.

12 The Intolerable Acts  Laws were passed to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party.  It closed Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the destroyed tea, banned the committee, and allowed for the British troops to be housed by colonists.  Other colonies began helping Boston by sending them supplies.  The First Continental Congress was formed by representatives from all the colonies except Georgia in Philadelphia. They voted to stop trade with Britain and agreed to meet again.

13 The colonists take action…  Colonists began to form a militia, or armed civilians who pledged to defend their community.  Some were called Minutemen because they were ready to fight in a minute’s notice.

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