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The Art Miles Mural Project

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1 The Art Miles Mural Project


3 Twelve MILES of MURAL S! Environment, Indigenous, Multicultural, Women, Music, Sports, Senior, Great Wall, Fairy Tale, Mentor, Celebrity, Peace, Unity and Healing – a 100% volunteer project ready to “turn the corner”


5 Why we need you…They need you!

6 It’s all about the process
It’s all about the process! We encourage dialogue AND prevention of violence through art! (and YOU exemplify our ideals) “…So I traded my cleats for canvas, my bruises for brushes, and put all the violence and power I had felt on the field into my paintings.“ Ernie Barnes

7 We Paint in Palaces and on Playgrounds and around Pyramids!
Rathaus Palace (City Hall), Vienna, Austria Pyramids of Teotichuacan, Mexico

8 “Some” of our “mural marathons” include large numbers of painters!
Colchester, Connecticut (1,005) Eastbourne, England (1,200) Valencia, Spain (1,200) Teotichuacan, Mexico (1,505) Lahore, Pakistan (800) Vienna, Austria (750) Egypt (+2,000) Hong Kong (1,070) San Francisco, California (650) San Diego, California (1,000) Montreal, Canada (600)

9 Our Mission The Art Miles Mural Project is dedicated to creating one mural at a time, one mile at a time; (promoting education, cultural awareness, environmental consciousness, and teaching respect and understanding as we aim for the spirit of world peace)

10 We believe in youth! We believe their voices must be heard!

11 Our Vision is … To see the process of creating murals become internationally recognized for their efforts in documenting, educating and awakening people’s level of understanding To participate in major events world wide (including the 2007 Pacific Olympic Games in Samoa and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing) And most importantly, to support all children everywhere!

12 Recent Honors! - Art Miles is the recipient of the 2006 Earth Charter Award from the Earth Society Foundation - Art Miles was nominated for the 2006 Americans for the Arts Public Arts Network Award Art Miles will be honored at the Montreux Jazz Festival as one of 10 Artists for Peace! (July 2006) and…UNESCO Headquarters has invited Art Miles to exhibit sports murals during the Sports for Peace Conference next month (July) in Paris and in August, in Sweden!

13 His Holiness, theDalai Lama to Adventurer, Pasquale Scaturro…
Art Miles is officially recognized as an active and vital participant for the UNESCO Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non Violence Among Children of the World There are hundreds of testimonials to the success and effectiveness of The Art Miles Mural Project ranging from His Holiness, theDalai Lama to Adventurer, Pasquale Scaturro…

14 Our Future Art Miles Mural Project will continue creating murals throughout the remainder of the UNESCO Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non Violence Among Children of the World with the plan of connecting them together and unveiling them at The Great Pyramids of Egypt in 2010 (Egyptian Ministry of Education has mandated that all Egyptian Schools (30,000) will participate)

15 The first mural outside Bosnia

16 History The project began in 1997 in an orphanage with 350 children as a result of conflicts in the Balkans. The first mural was created on a bullet ridden bed sheet…the children who had no surviving relatives created a 3 part mural entitled “yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

17 History (cont) Since that time over 1,400 murals and more than 40,000 people from over 100 countries have participated in creating murals, with exhibitions held in major World Cultural Heritage Sites We have exhibited murals for famous events, - The Concert of Hope for New York City - The World Peace Sanctuary, World Peace Day - Kalachakra Peace Festival, Graz, Austria with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama - BRIDGE Conference, Beirut, Lebanon - Alexandria, Biennale, Egypt - Millennium Hotel, New York City - Ground Zero, Central Park and, Columbia University, St. John the Divine and Washington Park, New York City - Rathaus (Palace) and Technical Museum, Vienna, Austria - Crossroads International, Hong Kong - National Network For Youth Conference, Washington, DC - Marriott Hotel, US EPA Conference and City of Denver, Colorado - UN Global Climate Change Conference, Montreal, Canada - International Children’s Conference on the Environment, UK and USA

18 We have completed more than 1,400 murals from around the world, but need a total of 5,280 by the end of 2010!

19 Murals are painted by street kids in Peru, California, New York and Chicago…and by children in Refugee Centers, Homeless Shelters, Runaway Shelters, Institutions and cities, towns and villages

20 African Cup Winning Country
University Art Students Painting a Sports Mural in Egypt….!


22 The Pacific Games in Samoa in 2007, and then on
All 12 miles will travel to Egypt in 2010, but first to The Pacific Games in Samoa in 2007, and then on to Beijing, China in 2008! Mural Created July 22, 2006, Alexandria, Egypt - American Cultural Center

23 A Sports Mural recently sent from Ohio!

24 for a plate of beans and rice (Haiti)
Murals are painted by children who walk up to 10 miles to paint with color for the first time and …. for a plate of beans and rice (Haiti)



27 The Peace, Unity and Healing Mural was born
during the actual tragedy of September 11, 2001 amidst the International Children’s Environmental health conference in Washington, DC… followed by an outpouring of foot murals created by people at American Red Cross Centers from across the nation…and from around the world

28 Murals are painted by children and people from
the Middle East to portray their CULTURE & TRADITIONS (above Egypt - Below Qatar)

29 Murals are painted by children concerned about the
Urban environment, endangered species…clean air!

30 Sports from an “inner spiritual view”
Denver, Colorado

31 Murals HEAL! Murals were created to help heal and to help raise funds for concerts, special events and other activities (Tsunami, BAM and Japan Earthquakes, Katrina and Pakistan)!

32 Indigenous Children Paint During Pow Wows




36 Women in Sports, Denver, Colorado

37 by kids concerned about
Murals are painted by kids concerned about PEACE!

38 pain and feel the pain of others in faraway places like Beslan…
Murals are painted by others, including refugees who set aside their own pain and feel the pain of others in faraway places like Beslan… sending their compassion about youth violence and horror about child soldiers, street gangs, victims of VIOLENCE! Traiskirchen Refugee Center, Austria Australian International School, Hong Kong Trinity Elementary School, Manhattan Message to Beslan

39 The Celebrity Mile is on the MOVE! Celebrities fight for causes too!

40 While Painting Murals, we also recently started painting shoes for the “Invisible Children” in Uganda

41 We need your help! to help us identify young people for our Peace Paint Ambassador Program: youth volunteers willing to be spokespersons and representatives of Art Miles! Pictured Below, San Diego International High School Peace Paint Ambassadors with murals created by children from the Hong Kong Marathon, November 2005

42 We and all the thousands of painters and millions of children around the world, need YOU

43 Please Say YES!

44 For further info about Art Miles, contact Fouad or Joanne Tawfilis Pepperdine Ave. Oceanside, California (760)

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