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A Sanctuary for Women in Need

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1 A Sanctuary for Women in Need
The Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer A Sanctuary for Women in Need With YOUR Help we can end the waiting and save lives

2 Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Center
…a beacon of hope

3 Vision Statement Provide compassionate care for those in need… to provide a Sanctuary for women in need Fight cancer at every level Fund research to find cures and treatment to build hope Prevent people from getting cancer Provide early identification and treatment Provide state of the art treatment and care Improve the lives of cancer survivors

4 Dr. Kris and Khunying Finola doing a seminar at QSBCC

5 Participants in a seminar on Breast Cancer at QSBCC

6 Our Goals and Objectives
Raise 14.5 million dollars so that we can… Fund much needed expansion of Hospital facilities for Diagnosis and Treatment Fund New Research Facilities Fund Education and awareness campaigns Provide more inpatient rooms Fund Hospice and extended in-patient care facility to create more space for patients who are waiting

7 Patients waiting in diagnostic

8 Today, we have people waiting for us….
The number of cancer patients is growing and the facilities are overstretched. People who are diagnosed and need treatment are put on a waiting list for treatment facilities People who are beyond treatment are in hospital beds because there is no hospice to refer them to.

9 Outreach programs go into communities in need…
…people wait for hope

10 Today’s Growing Needs Need to Expand Hospital Treatment areas for Radio and Chemo-therapies Need to Expand In-patient Rooms 2003 2005 2006 2007 Chemotherapy 1148 3681 12,839 14,400 Radiotherapy 3429 3559 3786 4248 Year 1998 330 in-patients 2000 421 2002 438 2004 440 2006 537 2007 626

11 Treatment areas are well used and people are on waiting lists.

12 What Do We Need Right Now?
100 million Baht for Pathology Lab for increased Diagnostic capability and new Tissue bank 100 million Baht to build new phase I Hospice unit 70 million Baht Additional operating suite with increased Intensive care unit (ICU) facility 1.4 million Baht for new respirator for ICU 70 million Baht new MRI machine for breast cancer 25 million Baht Chemotherapy Day Care Center 3 million Baht for Ultrasound for diagnostic 100 million Baht to sponsor cancer medical staff specialist training fro the next 5 years

13 Your donations will provide new rooms for waiting patients

14 Your donations will increase diagnostic and treatment capabilities

15 Your donations will make state-of-the art equipment available

16 What is Unique About Us? First Breast Cancer Center in Thailand…a Sanctuary for women in need Non-Profit Organization sponsored by H.M. Queen Sirikit-100% of donations are used to fund diagnostic, treatment equipment and subsidized patient care. Chulalongkorn School of Medicine provides hospital facility & operating costs The Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Center Provides in-house teaching for all medical staff Lead by Dr Kris Chatamra (world recognized expert in breast cancer treatment) Latest equipment for diagnostic and treatment Community outreach to economically disadvantaged women and children

17 Our History 1991 started with a vision from a discussion of H.M Queen Sirikit and Dr. Kris Chatamra 1995 began building an organization and sent people abroad so they could see the vision in action. 2005 Chulalongkorn Medical School dedicated a 10 story building as the home of the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer The original building provided 80 beds, one operating unit, one ICU and both a radio and chemo therapy treatment center 2005 Official Opening of the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer So far 600 million Baht has been raised to start and build the Center and fund it’s outreach programs

18 QSBCC opens it’s doors for patients in 2005, just 3 yeas ago

19 What do we need from you? Make a commitment to be a sponsor to end the waiting… 4 levels of corporate sponsorship US$40, ,000 per year for 4 years US$30,000 one time US$20, ,000 per year for 2 years US$10,000 one time

20 Dr. Kris and Khunying Finola need your help to continue their much needed work with Breast Cancer sufferers.

21 How you can help? Make US tax deductible contributions either through your US Charitable Foundation to The International Red cross in the name of Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Thai Red Cross Society Code Make Local tax deductible contributions to If tax deduction is not a concern Donate directly to : Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation Account Number : Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Ltd. Thai Red Branch (045) 1873 Rama IV Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok

22 QSBCC “Ambassadors” are working to support the QSBCC

23 Contact Details… Dr.Kris Chatamra Founder and Director
Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer 9th floor Wongwanich Building King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital 1873 Rama IV Road, Patumwan, Bangkok Thailand Contact Person : Tel. : Dr.Kris Chatamra , Tel. : Khun Sutada Mekrungruengkul

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