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Subjects, Predicates, & Objects

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1 Subjects, Predicates, & Objects
Sentence Structure Lesson

2 Warm up What makes a sentence complete?
What makes a sentence incomplete?

3 Subjects Nouns and pronouns that take verbs Example
Robert asked for his late work. It was late when we got home. Lime green is my favorite color.

4 Predicates Actions (verbs) in the sentence Examples Jane cried.
Marcus was talking. The rain ended the baseball game.

5 Objects Nouns that do not take predicates (verbs). Examples
He kicked the can. She threw the paper ball at Eric. Charity is important to humanity.

6 Complete Sentences Each needs a subject and a predicate.
Imperative sentences do not need subjects. Subjects are on the left, predicates are right. Examples She runs. Stop. I am. Bob went to school, but Kyle stayed home.

7 Compound Subjects & Predicates
Sentences can have more than one subject and/or predicate. Chris and I studied. Jane swept and vacuumed. She and I ate pizza and watched movies.

8 Longer Sentences Sentences may have more than one set of subjects and predicates. I went home and my mom yelled at me. She threw the ball at me but I dropped it. I had a headache until I took a nap.

9 Practice Write each sentence. Underline subjects. Circle predicates.
Double-underline objects.

10 1 Sean went home and did his homework.

11 2 It doesn’t rain in the desert very much.

12 3 My dog and I went to the lake and swam.

13 4 Darren always picks Law in Tekken.

14 5 Nike shoes are made by kids in sweatshops.

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