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NC Department of Administration Travel Reimbursement Policies & Procedures.

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1 NC Department of Administration Travel Reimbursement Policies & Procedures

2 State Employee Travel Reimbursement Policies & Procedures

3 Travel Reimbursement Form ~ State Employees


5 Electronic Payment Form ~ All employees being reimbursed MUST be paid electronically ~ If your employee is new, please have them submit this along with their reimbursement ~ BEACON and NCAS are two different systems. Electronic payment in BEACON does not transfer to NCAS.

6 Mileage Rate ~ 100 miles =.30

7 Commuting ~ Cannot claim mileage from home to duty station

8 Travel to/from Airport from Home ~ Provide receipts for reimbursement

9 Travel to/from Airport at Destination ~ Provide receipts for reimbursement

10 Tips & Gratuity $2 allowed

11 Parking ~ Must provide receipts

12 Meals ~ Must list departure and arrival times to be eligible for meal reimbursement ~ May not claim meals provided by conference ~ If the conference offers the equivalent of a continental breakfast, and the employee elects to eat elsewhere, they can claim that meal ~ In-state : 8.20/B, 10.70/L, 18.40/D ~ Out-of-State : 8.20/B, 10.70/L, 20.90/D

13 Meals During Daily Travel

14 Lodging ~ Overnight travel must be approved by supervisor prior to travel ~ BDA is not needed unless travel is out of state or in excess of the state rate ~ Must be > 35 miles to constitute reimbursement ~ In-State rate : 65.90/night + taxes ~ Out-of-State/Country rate : 77.90/night + taxes

15 Tax On Lodging ~ All taxes will be reimbursed in addition to the state allowable rate for lodging

16 Excess Lodging ~ Budget Authorization must be submitted and approved prior to travel ~ BDA must be submitted to the Fiscal department with all appropriate signatures

17 Registration ~ Submit conference information to Fiscal and we will pay the vendor directly ~ When at all possible, the employee should not pay for the conference out of pocket

18 Board/Commission Member Travel Reimbursement Policies & Procedures

19 Travel Reimbursement Form ~ Board/Commission Members


21 Mileage Rate =.25/mile

22 Per Diem = $15/day of official service ~ No per diem if salary is paid from state funds

23 Per Diem = $100/day of official service ~ No per diem if salary is paid from state funds

24 General Assembly Members ~ No Per Diem

25 General Assembly Member Subsistence ~ $104/day

26 Mileage Rate for General Assembly Members ~.565/mile

27 Refreshments For Meetings ~ BDA must be completed before meeting takes place ~ 4.50/member and required staff ~ Invoiced to agency from vendor ~ Must submit sign-up sheets from meeting

28 In Review – A Few Key Things to Remember Mileage rate:.565/mile 100 miles,.25/mile board/commission members In-state meals: 8.20/breakfast, 10.70/lunch, 18.40/dinner Out-of-state meals: 8.20/breakfast, 10.70/lunch, 20.90/dinner In-state lodging: 65.90/night + taxes Out-of-state lodging: 77.90/night + taxes ALL reimbursement must be accompanied by a zero balance hotel receipt. When traveling by air, please provide all receipts from airport parking, shuttle, check-in baggage, and taxi. When claiming meals, departure and arrival times must be listed to receive reimbursement. Reimbursement must be signed by both the employee and the supervisor/department head. List the company and fund for the reimbursement to be paid from on the appropriate lines.

29 In Review – A Few Key Things to Remember The date, as well as the ‘To’ and ‘From’ sections, must be filled out for each day of travel. All state employees should list their Beacon number, never their SSN. When traveling to many locations on the same day, list a grand total of miles in the appropriate field. Please list only the city and state (if outside of NC) in the To and From boxes. If your employee travels daily, please have them submit a detailed spreadsheet/Word document of their daily travel and total mileage for the day. When traveling from home, you may only take the lesser mileage from either your home or work station. All reimbursements should be typed, not handwritten. Please ensure that everyone in your department is using the current travel form. BDA’s for excess in-state and out of state travel MUST be submitted and completed with all signatures to Fiscal prior to traveling.

30 ~ The purpose line for each day MUST be filled out in order to receive reimbursement

31 ~ All travel reimbursements MUST be submitted to the Fiscal Management office within 30 days of travel

32 Locating the Current Travel Reimbursement Form ~ Main Page

33 Locating the Current Travel Reimbursement Form ~ Second Page

34 Locating the Current Travel Reimbursement Form ~ Third Page

35 f_files/BudgetManual.pdf

36 Cash Disbursement Sheets

37 Cash Disbursement Sheet

38 ALL Accounts Payable items except for : –P-card reconciliations and transactions –Travel Reimbursements –ITS Computer invoice –Travel Advance –Portions of a larger invoice Many departments (w/in DOA) listed on one master invoice

39 Sample Invoice

40 Sample Invoice Continued

41 Sample Cash Disbursement Sheet

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