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Introduction to Registered Apprenticeship: A Workforce Strategy for Health Care.

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1 Introduction to Registered Apprenticeship: A Workforce Strategy for Health Care

2 INCREMENTAL WAGE INCREASES:  Registered Apprentices receive incremental wage increases based on skills attainment and job proficiency  Apprentices work and learn under qualified personnel Registered Apprenticeship Program Components: 2  Apprentices receive technical training through a variety of methods  Subject content and time requirements depend on occupation and employer needs  Responsibilities ensure increased job competency over time

3  Apprenticeships include at least 2,000 hours of supervised and structured on-the-job learning.  Apprenticeships involve a minimum of 144 hours of instruction in technical subjects related to the occupation.  Healthcare Apprenticeships can take between 1 to 2 years to complete, depending on the occupation. Registered Apprenticeship Basics 3

4 Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors Workforce System/Education/ other partners Registered Apprenticeship Partners and Participants 4 Apprentices/ Job Seekers

5 Why Registered Apprenticeship  Need to Strengthen entry- and mid-level Healthcare Workforce  High Turnover; burnout  One of the fastest growing areas over the next decade  Individuals are not recognized as professionals  Wages  Insuffient training for most entry-level professions ◦ Despite complex and demanding nature of the position, training requirements are minimal ◦ Training is typically pre-service and on-the-job training

6  Offers advancement into nursing, pharmacy, dental, Health IT and other growing occupations  Creates a pipeline of skilled workers  Increases retention  Decreases recruitment costs  Improves employee skills, confidence and quality of patient care  Increases diversity 6 Registered Apprenticeship and Health Care

7 Registered Apprenticeship Benefits to Employers/Agencies  Highly skilled employees  Recruitment Strategy  Systematic Training  Relevant classroom instruction linked to actual work experience  Recognition for long-term employees  Employees increasingly capable of advancement  Creation of career pathways

8 The RA program offers many benefits to apprentices, including:  A paycheck  Hands-on career training  An Education  A Career  National Certification Registered Apprenticeship Benefits: Job Seekers and Apprentices 8

9 Some Health Care Occupations  Certified Nursing Assistant  Community Health Worker  EMT and Paramedic  Dental Assistant  Home Health Aide  Medical Assistant  Medical Transcriptionist  Medical Coder  Pharmacy Tech  Surgical Technologist  Laboratory Technician  Health Unit Coordinator  Direct Support Professional  MRI Tech  Mammography Tech  Licensed Practical Nurse (military)  Medical Secretary

10 Success Stories  CVS Pharmacy ◦ Pharmacy Tech Career Ladder ◦ Competency-based model 3 tiers  Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society ◦ CNA competency-based model-4 tiers: Level 1, Advanced, and at least 2 specialties ◦ Integrated into career lattice ◦ On-the-job skills developed through a mentoring structure  East Texas AHEC/Texas Workforce Commission ◦ Community Health Worker—just beginning ◦ OA and AHEC are promoting the program to hospitals and clinics ◦ AHEC will provide the instruction ◦ Texas Workforce Commission supports

11 DOL-HHS Evaluation of the Long- Term Care Registered Apprenticeship Model  Joint evaluation  Currently 40 employers in 20 states with RA programs covering 4 occupations (CNA, DSS, HSS, HHA)  Examine recruitment & retention, wage gains and possibly other quality of care issues  Phase 1: Feasibility Study—this year  Phase 2: Evaluation Design to be determined by Feasibility Study

12 In Health Information Technology, RA is an effective training model that:  Develops high-quality technicians and managers  Ensures employer needs are met  Increases productivity  Helps attract and retain high quality workers at lower costs 12 IT and Health IT

13 Information Technology and HIT Occupations  Health Unit Coordinator  Medical Coder  Medical Transcriptionist  Information Assurance Specialist  Information Management  IT Project Manager  IT Generalist  Programmer Analyst  Web Systems Support Programmer  Network Support Technician

14 HIT Success Stories  Blue Cross/Blue Shield—South Carolina ◦ Partnership with Midlands Technical College and Alpha Training Services ◦ Must already have associates degree ◦ 3-year program

15  Contact your State Director and/or Apprenticeship Training Representative  You can locate the appropriate contact for your state here: How Do I Partner with RA? 15

16 Registered Apprenticeship staff will--  Provide technical assistance to develop a program  Work with you to identify potential employers  Register programs  Provide technical assistance on training protocols in collaboration with employers

17 For more information Laura Ginsburg USDOL/Office of Apprenticeship 202/693-2803

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