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The CNA Career Lattice NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010.

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1 The CNA Career Lattice NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

2 DIRECT COST Separation Vacancy Recruitment Training & Orientation INDIRECT COST Lost Productivity Reduced quality of care Decreased Employee Morale Cost per worker can exceed 100% of annual salary. Cost estimates range from a conservative $2500 per worker at the CNA level (direct costs only) to over $74,000 (including indirect costs for an RN). NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

3  On-the-job Learning  Related Instruction  Mentoring  Incremental Wage Increases NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

4  Nationally recognized and portable certificates  Improved skills and competencies  Increased wages  Career advancement  Higher self-esteem based on enhanced skills and certifications NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

5  Reduced turnover rates  Greater employee retention  Higher productivity  Greater competence of employees  Improved quality of services  Improved quality of patient care  Lower investment in recruitment  More diverse workforce  New pool of potential workers  Creation of career pathways NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

6  Provides a development pathway for incumbent employees  Participants work while continuing their education  Additional resources are made available through partnership with the WIB  CNAs receive more specialized training that promotes retention and encourages advancement NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

7  Certified Nursing Assistant NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010 CNA 1 CNA Specialties Restorative Dementia Geriatric Mentor Hospice Palliative Care Disabilities Med Aide

8  Health Support Specialist NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010 HousekeepingDietary CNA Geriatric Aide Medicine Aide Resident Care Coordinator

9  Home Health Aide NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010 CNA Home Health Aide Hospice & Palliative Care Geriatrics Disabilities Mental Illness Dementia Peer Mentor

10 NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010 Lattice Pathways for Public Sector Workforce Clients Applicant Public Workforce System One-Stop Screen for basic work skills One-Stop Screen for basic academic skills One-Stop Screen for basic language skills On-the-Job Training Screen Referred for training Referred to One-Stop, Community or Special ESL Program PASS (or) FAIL Apprenticeship Program with Employer CNA Core Other Specialty Mentorship Medicine Aide Geriatric Restorative Care Dementia Prerequisite Courses at Educational Institutions Surgical Technologist Medical Lab Technician Respiratory Therapy Technician LPN Pharmacy Technician Radiation Technician

11  Ambulance Attendant (EMT)ndan(EMT)  Biomedical Equipment Technician  Certified Nursing Assistant Career Lattice  Contour Wire Specialist, Denture  Dental Assistant  Dental Equipment Installation and Service  Dental Laboratory Technician  Electromedical Equipment Repairer  Emergency Medical Technician  Pharmacist Assistant  Health Care Sanitary Technician  Home Health Aide  Medical Assistant  Medical Laboratory Technician  Medical Secretary  Nurse Assistant  Nurse, Licensed PracticalPractical NCDOL Apprenticeship & Training 3/24/2010

12 For more information, contact your nearest Apprenticeship Consultant.

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