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2015 Mobile Marketing Stats  SMS coupons redeemed 8 times more  for-2015/

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2 2015 Mobile Marketing Stats  SMS coupons redeemed 8 times more  for-2015/ for-2015/  75% of USA uses smart phones. 85% by end of 2015  percent-117746 percent-117746  Mobile Marketing Set To Conquer 2015  76% more likely to read SMS  70% state SMS best way to get attention  64% think business should use SMS more  marketing-set-conquer-2015-10-stats-prove-infographic- 01140233

3 Are Customers Going to Read My Messages? -Correct mobile marketing strategy can produce more than 8 times ROI than other advertisement channels -On average, emails are read 13 hours after they are received. -On average, Texts are read 6 minutes after they are received.

4 Everyone is using text, even 64 year olds!

5 There are 2.5 times as many users of “texting” than e-mail worldwide 98% of users have SMS enabled handsets Connect with your customers with the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME.

6 Making Money With Mobile Customer Opts-In Mobile Offer Sent Customer Comes Back

7 Mobile coupons have a redemption rate 20x higher than paper!  72% of Americans text message across all demographics  77% of customers would like to receive mobile alerts or reminders from companies they choose  Twice as many people text message than own a television set  92% of Americans do not leave the house without their cell phones - CTIA 2011

8 Marketing to YOUR Contact Database Have customers opt in by:  Putting signs in-store or at the point of purchase (point of sale)  Get more customers off site by using keywords in conjunction with current marketing efforts. Direct customers to take action:  Schedule campaigns to have customers purchase more and with more frequency

9 Use Mobile Coupons For: Sales and Promotional Events Discounts and Special Offers Clearance Sales Monthly Events Get Your Coupon Right To Your Customer’s Handset!

10 Mobile Coupons Have a 97% Open Rate! Increase Repeat Business Increase revenue on your “slow days” Mobile Coupons Can Go Viral

11 Here is a quick list of some companies that are already using Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is HERE!

12 The response rate of correctly targeted mobile advertising campaigns is staggeringly more than similar campaigns via other channels. As an illustration, in a recent study included in the International Journal of Marketing, the response rate of mobile marketing campaigns was reported at 31% on average, while the same figure for permission based e-mail marketing is 6%, and the response rate of printed advertising came in at a measly 0.55%.

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