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The scientific method Standard 9.

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1 The scientific method Standard 9

2 What is the Scientific Method?
A process used to investigate a question There are many different versions of the scientific method. This is our version. There are seven steps!

3 7 steps Question Research Hypothesis Materials Procedure Results

4 Question- Step 1 Looking for a piece of information that you don’t know. It is best expressed as an “open-ended question”, which is a question answered with a sentence, not just a yes or no answer Should be simple, direct, and measurable Ex. How does the tread of the shoe affect the amount of friction? What is wrong with this example - Is a flip flop better than a sandal ?

5 Question Practice Write two questions you can test on plant growth

6 Hypothesis- Step 3 A hypothesis is an educated guess developed using background knowledge that can be tested Based on the information found in research Easy format: “If …..then, because All hypothesis have support.

7 Hypothesis Practice Practice writing hypotheses for your two plant growth questions. Ex.1_____________________________________________________________ Ex.2_____________________________________________________________

8 Research- Step 2 Looking for the information that would help to answer the question Could be books, journals, magazines, internet, labels, or an expert. Practice- If you are doing an experiment on plant growth, what do you need to know about plants? Where could you get the information?

9 Experiment (broken into 3 parts) Materials- Step 4
Provides a list of all things used in the experiment Should be specific, including measurements Practice- List the materials you would need to do an experiment on how light affects plant growth.

10 Procedure- Step 5 Step-by-step instructions on how to do the experiment Another person should be able to do your experiment based on your steps. Should produce measurable results

11 Procedure Practice Explain what needs to be changed to make the steps clearer. Put some soil in each cup. Put the plants in different places so each plant gets different amounts of light. Water the plants every two days.

12 Results- Step 6 The data collected in the experiment.
Include a data table, this is where you record your results. You might need to include a chart or a graph Simple paragraph to state what happened

13 Results Practice What information would you graph if you did the experiment about how the amount of light affects plant growth?

14 Conclusion- Step 7 Answers the question
States if the hypothesis was correct or incorrect Discusses experimental error Could you be wrong? Could the experiment have given the wrong results?

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