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Scientific Method.

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1 Scientific Method

2 Problem Always in the form of a question
Example: Do plants need sunlight to survive?

3 Research - Collect Information
Read books on PHOTOSYNTHESIS Search the Internet Read magazines Asks Experts

4 Hypothesis – an educated guess
Possible answer to the problem Complete sentence Example: Yes, plants need sunlight to produce food to survive.

5 List every step you take
Experiment Test your hypothesis Gather materials List every step you take Make observations

6 Experiment-Example Materials
Two pea plants Water Closet Sunlight Soil Put one pea plant in each pot with 2 cups of soil Place one plant in the closet Place one plant in the direct sunlight Give both plants half a cup of water daily Observe plant growth for two weeks

7 Record Results Write a Report Draw Graph Make a chart Draw Picture

8 Growing Plants Inches

9 Conclusion Tell whether your hypothesis was correct or incorrect
Example: My hypothesis was correct. Plants need sunlight to survive. The data shows that at the end of 5 days the plant in the sunlight grew 50% taller than the one without sunlight.

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