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College Bound Grades 11-12. Teacher Notes Estimated Class time: 45 minutes Materials and Preparations for this Lesson: ·Read through and print off the.

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1 College Bound Grades 11-12

2 Teacher Notes Estimated Class time: 45 minutes Materials and Preparations for this Lesson: ·Read through and print off the lesson plan before you teach the lesson. ·Read through the answers to the discussion questions found in the lesson plan. ·Find all the handouts for students and teachers linked throughout the notebook file. All files are also located in the attachment tab of this notebook file including those for parents. ·Preview all videos before teaching the lesson (if you have any). ·Consider posting the videos and parent tipsheets on your SWIFT or school websites to save paper and easy access for your parents and community members. Materials: ·Admissions Packet Student Handout A ·Admissions Packet Student Handout Teacher Version ·Assmt Grs 11-12 College Bound Preparation: ·Prepare a list of search results for a celebrity or other well-known person in a form that all students can see, perhaps on an interactive white board or overhead projector. (ex. Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, CeeLo Green, Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Michael Vick, Michael Phelps, Hope Solo, David Beckham etc.) ·Copy the Admissions Packet Student Handout, one for every two to three students. ·Copy the Assmt Grs 11-12 College Bound, one for every student, page three only.

3 Essential Question How can information you post on the Internet affect your future opportunities?

4 Objectives Learn that they have a public presence online called a digital footprint Recognize that any information they post online can help or hurt their image and future opportunities, including their chances for college admission or employment Consider how to present an authentic and positive image of themselves online

5 Introduce Share search results for celebrity Create two imaginary online searches, that could represent what your life might be like five years from now. Your result should include the following: a title, a date, and a short description of what is in the result. Here are a few examples to use as guides: Jonathan P. Garcia exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago March 4, 2016 … A fresh new exhibit from photographer Jonathan Garcia. Garcia’s work will move you, enlighten you, and educate you about the history of Chicago neighborhoods. Jonathan P. Garcia – Web design workshop April 15, 2016 … Enroll in tech guru Jonathan Garcia’s Web design and programming workshop for teens ages 14 to 18. Enrollees will design a virtual reality webpage. Jonathan P. Garcia’s Blog July 30, 2016 … I’ve got only two more months to go in my Peace Corps service, and it looks like we’re going to finish the water-filtration project before I go home. Check out my latest pics.

6 Based on what people wrote about, what types of headlines do people want associated with themselves? What types of headlines might reflect poorly on someone? Do you think you should judge someone solely based on what you find about them online? Why or why not?

7 Key Vocabulary Digital footprint Admission Candidate Admission To let in or to be given entrance Candidate Someone seeking entrance to a school or placement in a job, usually competing with others for the position Digital footprint All of the information about a person that can be found online

8 Teach One Review College Applications Admissions Packet Student Handout It is up to you whether or not you want to use the provided handouts. If you have something else to show them, it might be better/more relevant. I personally did not like the examples used, but it can work for the purpose of the lesson. Something more relevant might be two real examples of students you know of (change name/picture, of course) who posted information online that either did jeopardize or potentially will jeopardize college entrance. Or, you could look for article about this topic and have them read and discuss. Maybe a little of both.

9 Teach Two Why did you not choose the other candidate? Is there additional information about this candidate that could have made you want to choose him? 1 st Question Pull Which candidate would you choose? Do you think the comments by JJ and Maggie had a positive or negative effect on their friends’ chances for college? Do you think this is what they intended when they wrote the comments? 2 nd Question Pull Do you think this is a good way for a real admissions officer to make a final choice? Why or why not? 3 rd Question Pull Do you think teens share too much information about themselves or about others online? Why or why not? 4 th Question Pull

10 Wrap Up and Assess How is a digital footprint created? Why does the information in a digital footprint often become public, and why is it permanent? What kind of information would help present the most positive image of you? What are some of the larger ethical implications of sharing information online about others?

11 Homework Analyze your own online presence. You can do this by searching your own name and reviewing your profile(s) on social media sites.

12 Formative Assessment Take the assessment. Answer key

13 Attachments admissionpacket-handout.pdf Assmt Grs 11-12 College Bound.pdf

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