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Yorktown High School Restoring the Roar!.

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1 Yorktown High School Restoring the Roar!

2 environment, the following rules and student expectations
In order to assure that is a safe, welcoming and productive learning environment, the following rules and student expectations have been established. Yorktown High School

3 Rule 1: Use quiet voices and appropriate language & tone
No Screaming, Yelling or Cursing Allowed!

4 Rule 2: Adhere to the dress code
Dress Code is in effect from the time you arrive on campus in the morning until the time you leave campus after school.

5 Rule 3: No cell phones or other electronic devices during the school day

6 Rule 4: Absolutely no PDA (Public Display of Affection)
Romantic contact of any type is inappropriate at school Have Respect for Yourself & Others – Keep It G Rated!!!

7 Rule 5: Take pride in our new facilities – keep our school clean
No food or drinks in the “commons” areas. No gum or off-campus drinks allowed on campus. Throw all trash away in the proper receptacles. Keep the walls clean. Do not put your feet on the walls or furniture.

8 Rule 6: Respect teachers & staff
Always Follow Directions & Accept Correction Politely!

9 Classroom Rules & Expectations

10 Rule 1: Listen to announcements & follow directions

11 Rule 2: Use class time to work and learn

12 best work & complete your
Rule 3: Produce your best work & complete your assignments on time Effort Matters

13 Rule 4: Encourage & support others
Never criticize or ridicule another student’s questions or answers!

14 During Passing Periods
Hallway Rules & Expectations During Passing Periods

15 Rule 1: Walk in an orderly manner on the right side of the hallways.
Running, Pushing or Shoving!

16 Rule 2: Keep moving. Don’t block the hallways.
To Visit with Friends, Move to the “Commons” Areas.

17 Rule 3: Use passing period for personal business

18 Rule 4: Manage time wisely & be on time to class

19 Hallway Rules & Expectations During Class Time

20 Rule 1: After the tardy bell rings, you must have a hall pass

21 Rule 2: Take the most direct route to your destination & walk with purpose

22 Rule 3: Do Not Disrupt Learning

23 Cafeteria Rules & Expectations

24 Rule 1: Enter the cafeteria in an orderly manner and wait your turn in line

25 Rule 2: Have your order and money ready
Say “Please” and “Thank-you” when addressing cafeteria staff.

26 Rule 3: Once you have received your food, pick a seat, and sit properly.

27 Rule 4: Use proper table manners
Absolutely no throwing food!

28 Rule 5: No food outside the cafeteria during lunch
Remain seated until finished unless going to the restroom or throwing trash away

29 Rule 6: Throw your garbage away before leaving the cafeteria

30 Restroom Rules & Expectations

31 Rule 1: Use the appropriate restroom
Male bathrooms are for male students. Female bathrooms are for female students. Teacher restrooms are off limits to students.

32 Rule 2: Hygiene is important – Aim, Flush & Wash Hands

33 Rule 3: Keep the restroom clean
Use trash receptacles to dispose of trash. Do not write on any surface in the restroom. This includes walls, stalls, and mirrors. Do not purposefully clog toilets or sinks. Do not stand on toilets or sinks. Report any graffiti or damage

34 Writing on walls is considered vandalism. Students who damage or destroy school property will be prosecuted.

35 Library Rules & Expectations

36 Rule 1: No gum or unapproved food or drinks in the library

37 Rule 2: Value the resources
Do not write on or destroy reading materials, tables or equipment

38 Rule 3: Treat the computers with care
Get permission before using personal software or flash drives. Use the computers for school related purposes only. Using the computers is a privilege. Any unnecessary manhandling of the computer equipment will result in suspension of your computer privileges.

39 Rule 4: Respect learning – do not disturb or distract students or classes in the library
Do not make signs to show to other students in the classrooms!

40 Welcome to Yorktown High School

41 Together, we will build…

42 A Legacy of Excellence

43 Let the Legacy Begin

44 W E ildcats/Kitty Kats x c e e d i n g x p e c t a t i o n s
Yorktown High School Safe & Civil School Committee, 2014

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