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Intel Water Reclaim Project Final Report 5/25/05.

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1 Intel Water Reclaim Project Final Report 5/25/05

2 Intel Project Team Matt Lundervold Bryan Gregory Charles Brown Dave Montero Academic Advisor: Professor Zareh Industry Advisor: Steve Chen

3 Project Scope Design a full scale water reclaim system capable of recycling RO reject water. –Phase I: Design, build & test Pilot system –Phase II: Design Full Scale Reclaim System

4 Summary of Design Process Translate Customer needs into Engineering Targets Design & build Pilot Collect water quality data from pilot Design reclaim system based on pilot data

5 Phase 1: Pilot Design & Testing Key Design Decisions –Reverse Osmosis –Mobility –Flexible Hoses –Bypasses –Removable Components Startup, Testing, & Data –Data Collected for various combinations of pretreatment –Test results determined component selection and anti- scalant treatment

6 Pilot drawing

7 Phase II: Full Scale Water Reclaim Design The team utilized Pilot data, RO modeling software, and Intel design specifications to complete the final design.


9 Key Design Decisions RO Treatment Membrane Selection Water Softener RO Configuration Booster Pump

10 RO Treatment Proven technology Widely used by Intel Expandable for increasing water demands Relatively inexpensive compared to other methods Easily integrated into existing system

11 Membrane Selection Low fouling –resistant to scaling and organic fouling –Durable –Low maintenance –High quality output –Relatively low energy consumption

12 Water Softener Proven technology Expandable Prolongs life of RO membranes and reduces maintenance Automated regeneration Optimized foot print

13 Booster Pump Selection Grundfos BM 17-4N torpedo pump –Highly reliable pump design –Integrates completely into RO design –Energy efficient –Accepts VFD –Submerged pump and motor, completely sealed unit

14 RO Configuration 3x2 single pass dual staged stacked design –Meets space requirements –Maximizes product quality –Ease of maintenance –Expandable for future flow requirements –Ease of assembly




18 Design vs. Targets 100% of Design Targets met Highlights Include: Exceeded all water quality specifications System designed to meet 150% of current demand Maintainable by 1 technician Capital cost under projected budget Future expansion possible to 180 gpm Annual water cost savings of $110k One time connection fee cost avoidance of $342k

19 Project Summary Future expansion opportunities –Blending bypass is a low cost solution to increase capacity –Structure allows for another RO Lesson’s Learned: –Navigating large corporation –Third party vendors Successes –Met all design criteria –Pilot validated design –Intel will use the pilot as a development tool

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