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Intelligent Pressure and DMA Management

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1 Intelligent Pressure and DMA Management

2 Company Overview A world leading provider of computerized controllers for: Home Gardening Professional Gardening Agriculture Waterworks Products and systems to enable utilities to effectively control and manage water networks, reduce water and revenue loss from leakage Distributed in over 40 countries worldwide Renowned for quality, user friendly and well designed environmentally-friendly water saving systems

3 Basic Methods of Managing Real Loses
Pressure Management Potentially Recoverable Real Loses Unavoidable Annual Real Loses Speed and Quality of Repairs Active Leakage Control Pipeline and Asset Management: Selection, installation, Maintenance, renewal, Replacement **The methodology was developed by WLTF (Water Lost Task Force) of the International Water Association (IWA)

4 How Pressure Management Workss
Utilities provide water at high pressure Service level everywhere all the time High pressure = More loss More water from leaks: $10B USD High pressure causes more bursts Target: Reduce pressure while providing quality service Based on DMAs Monitor pressure of critical point (P3) Control pressure at DMA entry so that P3 is at the required level Requires ability to constantly monitor and control pressure and flow

5 Dynamic Pressure Management
Advantages Deals with all leaks - undetectable and detectable Fast ROI – optimized results Quick to implement Immediate measurable results – up to 50% reduction in leaks Long time benefits: burst reduction, lower maintenance Cheaper than other methods Provides critical information to Improve operations Independent of other methods

6 Galcon Dynamic Pressure Management System
G-DPM is an Intelligent DMA and Dynamic Pressure Management solution to significantly reduce water and revenue loss from leakage Unique capabilities Combining IT and Control Centralized management and optimization System level considerations can be taken Local control Control is localized and independent Data management and analysis Provide added value through information database and support of decision making processes

7 Intelligent Pressure Management by Galcon
Planning Integrated Solution Intelligent Controller “Learning” Management Application Advanced Pressure Reducing Valve Planning and Implementation GPRS PRV Controller Pressure Policies HTTP Management

8 G-DPM Pressure Optimization: Combining IT & Control
DMAs are equipped with Galcon Controller PRV in the DMA Entry Pressure Monitor at the Critical Point Pressure and flow is transmitted via GPRS to the G-DPM Management Application Optimal pressure policy is determined for each DMA Policy is downloaded to the Controller remotely and is applied Pressure Monitor Controller Managerment & Optimization

9 Pressure Management Controller
State-of-art controller works with any pressure reducing valve equipped with a hydraulic pilot. 3 different modes Pressure – Flow Adjust pressure according to the flow Pressure – Time Adjust pressure according to preset time table Exceptional Days Different routine for specific days

10 Pressure Management Controller
Additional Highlights Highly durable and reliable Remote connectivity and management Maintenance free- up to 5 years of battery operation Easily operated on site with display and control buttons Emergency-mode setting - circumvent normal setting Input for flow meter Adjustable rate of logging IP-68 Standard

11 G-DPM Management: Web-based
DMA management is via standard web Anytime, anywhere Secure Easy to use System can be configured to work at the premises of the utility or as a “cloud” service

12 G-DPM Management: Central Management
Central application to manage all aspects of the system Set policy from center to all DMAs Central database for all information Policy and recommendation at system level

13 G-DPM Management: Feedback & Optimization
Feedback , Optimization & Analysis Analysis and optimization tools to determine best policy “Learning” solution – adapts to changes Constant improvement of results Full reporting and alerts – for critical decision making

14 Pressure Reducing Valve
Working with variety of valve manufacturers- can work with any valve with a hydraulic pilot (actuator) Flexibility in implementation Lower cost Adaptable solution fit to customer needs Provides full compatibility to existing environment Valves can be provided by Galcon due to relationships with major valve manufacturers

15 Solution Advantages Complete solution Best-of-Breed Components
Design, planning and implementation One-stop-shop Best-of-Breed Components Advanced, reliable and low-cost Ubiquitous Web-Based Interface Access anywhere anytime Learning and Adapting Solution Delivers constant improvement Easily Installed and Operated Low maintenance components Central management Planning PRV Controller Feedback HTTP Management

16 30% Loss Reduction in Real Life !!!!
Implement all phases Designed DMA Installed PRV and Controller Installed pressure logger at critical point Monitor results based on agreed schedule Results 30% reduction in loss Dramatic pressure drop of 25% in 1st stage 2nd stage additional15% including dynamic management Expansion Expand to 4 additional neighborhoods Expand to other water utilities

17 Thank You Contact T +972-4-690-0222 F +972-3-690-2727
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