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RODI Systems Corp. Corporate Overview and Capabilities

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1 RODI Systems Corp. Corporate Overview and Capabilities
936 Hwy 516 Aztec, NM This presentation is designed to provide a general overview of the capabilities of RODI Systems Corp.

2 RODI Systems Overview Privately Owned New Mexico Corporation
Founded in 1995 Located in NW New Mexico Specializes in High Performance Water Treatment RODI Systems is a privately held New Mexico Corporation located in the northwestern corner of the state. RODI specializes in high performance water treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and vapor compression evaporation.

3 Instruments and Controls
RODI Systems History RO Systems Founded in January 1995 as Reverse Osmosis (RO) Consulting Firm Began Design and Construction of RO Systems in Mid-1995 Now Offers Vapor Compression Evaporation and Ultrafiltration in Addition to RO Also Offers Complete Line of Monitoring and Control Products RO Consulting RODI Systems offers complete water treatment systems including reverse osmosis, vapor compression evaporation, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and membrane bioreactors. We specialize in containerized systems and we also provide a complete line of specialized monitoring products for membrane applications and custom control systems for virtually all water treatment applications. Portable Systems Instruments and Controls UF and MF Systems

4 Water Treatment Applications
Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Oil and Gas Produced Water Desalination Drinking Water Process Water RODI’s products are used in all types of water treatment applications.

5 Clients and Locations Project Locations Partial Client List
SeaWorld of Florida U.S. Navy Siemens GE Nalco Sandia National Laboratory Intel Anheuser-Busch Project Locations United States Canada Egypt Libya Turkey Grand Cayman U.S. Virgin Islands Mexico RODI’s products are used by some of the world’s largest companies world-wide.

6 Water Treatment Technologies
Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration Microfiltration Membrane Bioreactors Evaporation Conventional RODI specializes in high performance treatment technologies but we are also well-versed in conventional treatment methods.

7 Advantages of Membrane-Based Water Treatment Systems
Superior Product/Effluent Quality – Membranes Provide an Absolute Barrier Smaller Space Requirement Easier to Automate and Monitor In Many Cases, Such as Wastewater, the Only Option for High Performance Treatment Membrane-based technologies have definite advantages over conventional treatment. As environmental and performance criteria become more strict, membrane technologies look more and more favorable.

8 Advantages of Mobile and Containerized Systems
Less Expensive than Site-Built Systems Fast Delivery Time Portable Small Footprint RODI specializes in containerized treatment systems. These are complete treatment systems built inside intermodal shipping containers.

9 RODI’s Standard Water Treatment Products
PureBoxTM – Containerized Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination Systems RODI TMX – Trailer-Mounted Water Purification Systems RODI IMS – Integrated Membrane Systems for Wastewater Recycling RODI CMBR – Containerized Wastewater Treatment Systems

10 PureBoxTM Containerized Desalination Systems
Portable — Completely self-contained in an intermodal shipping container. Flexible — Systems may be added or changed easily. Secure – Containerized construction prevents tampering. Low Cost — Cost of ownership is one of the lowest in the industry due to its high energy efficiency and low cost of operation.

11 The entire treatment system is self-contained inside an intermodal shipping container.

12 The PureBoxTM systems are constructed with industrial quality components.

13 RODI TMX Trailer-Mounted Water Purification Systems
Long Shelf Life — Systems may be stored for years with little or no maintenance. Durable — Designed for the rigors of use incorporating industrial quality components. Effective – High performance treatment technologies. Power Options — Available with genset and solar power supplies.

14 High performance treatment technologies ensure superior product quality.

15 Automated controls ensure proper operation even if the system is unattended.

16 RODI IMS Wastewater Recyling Systems
Utilizes high performance membrane technology to treat wastewater for reuse. Ultrafiltration followed by reverse osmosis removes both suspended and dissolved contaminants. Hot (<120 deg F) wastewaters may be treated and reused for energy savings. Applications include wastewaters from textile dyeing, laundries, vehicle maintenance, metal finishing, etc.

17 The IMS (integrated membrane system) utilizes both tubular ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

18 Complete automation and extensive system monitoring are standard features of the IMS.

19 Reverse osmosis is used to removed dissolved solids thus allowing the final product to be reused without additional treatment.

20 RODI CMBR Containerized Wastewater Treatment Systems
Utilizes aerobic digestion followed by high performance membrane technology. Small footprint and completely portable. High quality effluent (< 5 ppm BOD and <1 ppm TSS) is suitable for reuse without additional treatment. Applications include work camps, resorts, temporary housing, and pretreatment of industrial waste.

21 Entire system (including bioreactor tank) is mounted inside an intermodal shipping container.

22 Major components are easily accessible
Major components are easily accessible. Insulation allows operation in cold climates.

23 Typical Features of RODI’s Water Treatment Systems
High Quality Controls and Instrumentation Energy Recovery on Desalination Systems Extensive Pretreatment Product Water Post-treatment Remote Monitoring Membrane Cleaning System Insulation and Climate Control

24 Recent Custom Treatment System Project Examples
2,000,000 GPD Brackish Water Containerized Reverse Osmosis Plant 2,400 GPD Containerized VCE Pilot System The following slides illustrate a number of recent custom projects.

25 The 2,000,000 GPD brackish water RO system is housed in four 40 ft intermodal containers.

26 Each container holds a 500,000 GPD RO train.

27 Each train is equipped with 150% of pump capacity.

28 Each train is equipped with an extensive instrumentation package for system monitoring.

29 Each container is equipped with cartridge filtration pretreatment and a clean-in-place (CIP) system.

30 This project involved installation of a 100 GPD VCE unit inside a 40 ft intermodal container. The container was highly modified to facilitate operation and maintenance of the VCE unit.

31 The system is designed specifically for oil and gas produced water treatment. It is totally self-contained and portable.

32 The system incorporates a natural gas fueled generator to provide on-site power.

33 The container is insulated and climate controlled with heating and cooling. The treatment system is fully automated and capable of being remotely operated and controlled via the internet by means of a cellular gateway.

34 Control System Integration
Control System Design System Construction PLC and HMI Programming Startup Assistance Technical Support RODI provides turn key control system integration for small and large PLC-based systems. RODI has experience with Allen-Bradley, Koyo, Toshiba, Modicon, and Siemens PLC products.

35 RODI Systems RO Monitoring and Control Products
AquaLynx® RO Controllers RO Performance MonitorTM EZ SDITM Silt Density Index Monitors DataFlex RemoteTM RODI Systems’ unique line of monitoring and control products were developed specifically for high performance water treatment applications. RODI holds several patents on its proprietary monitoring technology.

36 Technical Capabilities
Feasibility Studies Audits and Troubleshooting of Existing Systems Pilot Testing Treatment System Design Mechanical Design Including 3D CAD Control System and Electrical Design Including Embedded Microprocessor, PLC, and PC Programming System Startup Operator Training In addition to high quality equipment, RODI also offers a number of valuable water treatment services.

37 Manufacturing Capabilities
Electrical – From Circuit Boards to Complete Control Systems Treatment System Assembly Including Skid-Mounted and Containerized Systems 100% QA Testing UL 508 Certified RODI Systems’ manufacturing capabilities range from single electronic circuit boards to complete treatment systems.

38 Why Choose RODI Systems?
Systems Designed from the Operator’s Standpoint – All RODI Designers Have Hands-On Experience in System Operation In-House Capabilities for All Aspects of System Design Including Electrical, Controls, and Instrumentation Knowledgeable Technical Support Including Startup and Operator Training Specializes in High Performance Treatment Applications – Extensive Field Experience Proven Track Record with Some of the World’s Largest Client Companies Including Anheuser-Busch, Siemens, Intel, And GE We are anxious to assist you with your most challenging water treatment applications.

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