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Stanley HP-1 Compact Power Unit.

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1 Stanley HP-1 Compact Power Unit


3 Safety Rules Never operate unit in closed space
Make sure fittings are tight Never use flammable solvents near power unit Wear safety equipment Do not operate unit if gasoline odor is present Keep unit 1 meter away from buildings Allow unit to cool before putting away Do not change governor components

4 Hydraulic Fluid Requirements
Tank capacity is 2.7 gal Viscosity 50deg F 450 SSU 100deg F SSU 140 deg F 85 SSU

5 Filler Cap Hydraulic Site Gauge Hydraulic Filter Hydraulic Reservoir

6 Engine Type Gasoline powered 18 horse power, twin cylinder
Briggs / Stratton Vanguard Engine Use unleaded gasoline Use oil classified “for service SF,SE,SD,SC” 10W/30

7 Oil Fill Oil Dipstick Battery

8 Choke Fill Cap Fuel Tank

9 Tool Hose Use two 1/2in diameter hoses rated for working pressure of 2500psi 15-25 feet long


11 Preparation for Use Check crankcase oil Check fuel level
Check hydraulic fluid Check battery Connect hoses

12 Oil Dipstick Hydraulic Site Gauge

13 Oil Dipstick Site Gauge

14 Operating Instructions
Place hydraulic control lever in the “tool off” position Select the “auto” throttle mode Place Engine On/Off switch in the “On” position Push hydraulic control lever to “Start” position Engage choke if needed When engine starts, release the control lever To the “tool off” position When engine is warm, select the mode of operation (Auto or Hold 8 or 5 gpm)

15 Tool Off Start Tool Control Lever

16 Throttle Plate

17 Water Pump Location

18 Cold Weather Operation
If used in cold weather you must preheat the hydraulic oil at low engine speed Oil temp should be at or above 50 deg F before use Run engine at low speed with control lever in “tool off” position

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