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Hurst Hydraulic Equipment SECTION: Tools and Equipment ISSUED: 02-2011REVISED: ##-####

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1 Hurst Hydraulic Equipment SECTION: Tools and Equipment ISSUED: 02-2011REVISED: ##-####

2 Objectives To provide an understanding of the following –Specifications –Use –Maintenance –Safety

3 Hurst Power Unit Hurst JL-4GH-SI 4-Cycle 5.5 HP Honda Gasoline engine 5000 psi output pressure Uses fluid to create hydraulic pressure to power rescue tools

4 Hurst Power Unit Unit storage –Full choke –Fuel left off to prevent flooding To Operate –Open fuel –Pull starter –Move throttle lever down to run position –Turn both valves to pressure

5 Hurst Simo Unit Hurst ML-4G-SI 4-Cycle 3 HP Honda Gasoline Engine Two tool operation with two 16’ hose sections Portable power for incidents beyond the reach of the hose reel 60 lbs. dry weight

6 Hurst Simo Unit Unit storage –“On” position –Full Choke –Fuel off –Throttle ¼ to ½ To Operate –Open fuel –Pull starter –Open Choke –Full throttle –Turn both valves to pressure

7 Hose Reel 2 - 100’ Length Pre connected to power unit Construction –Thermoplastic inner tube –Kevlar reinforcement –Polyurethane jacket 20,000 psi burst pressure –4 to 1 safety factor

8 Standard Couplings Located on hose reel and power unit connections To connect –Turn and pull sleeve back –Insert male into female –Release sleeve to connect –Rotate ¼ turn To disconnect –Line up notch on female –Pull sleeve back –Pull male out Cannot be connected or disconnected under pressure

9 Streamline Couplings Found on tool connections To connect –Insert male into female –Twist firmly in clockwise direction Reverse operation to disconnect Can be connected and disconnected under pressure

10 Hurst Spreaders MLT-32 –31,000 lbs spreading force of @ 5000 psi –16,500 lbs closing force –32” Max spreading distance –59 lbs

11 Hurst Cutters MOC II –152,000 lbs Cutting force @ 5000 psi –7” cutter opening –47 lbs

12 Hurst Rams Sizes –JL-20 15” to 22” spread –JL-30 23” to 36” spread –JL-60 35” to 60” spread 15,000 lb Opening Force 6,000 lb Closing Force

13 Accessories Standard tips Pancake tip Shackles for spreaders –Remove pin to change attachments Ram attachments including V and point –Attachment can be used on either side Ram extensions –Extensions must be on the fixed side –8”, 12”, 16”

14 Use Auto extrication Machine entrapment Cutting rebar during breaking and breaching Heavy lifting Any heavy rescue operation where tools would be applicable

15 Operation Tools have an open / close toggle Can be a thumb, star, or handle Fully open toggle (valve) to allow maximum pressure

16 Maintenance Check fluid levels in power units –Fuel, hydraulic fluid, and oil Check for loose connectors and leaks in all power units, rescue tools, and hoses Check hoses for cuts, bulges, and overall condition Check all tools and equipment for cleanliness

17 Maintenance Use warm soapy water to wipe down tools Clean couplings by submerging in warm soapy water Use rag, sponge, or soft bristle brush to scrub Rinse and dry thoroughly Do not use WD-40 on tools

18 Safety Wear appropriate PPE –Minimum of helmet, gloves, and eye protection when performing maintenance Lift equipment with legs Pay attention to pinch points when operating Allow tool to do the work

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