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UL/FM Fire Pump Systems Lunch & Learn 04/18/05

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1 UL/FM Fire Pump Systems Lunch & Learn 04/18/05

2 National Fire Protection Association Comité Européen Des Assurances
Rules & Regulations NFPA CEA National Fire Protection Association (North America) Comité Européen Des Assurances (European)

3 Fire Protection Pumps End Suction Pumps Vertical In-line
Horizontal Split Case Vertical Mounted Split Case Vertical Turbine

4 Compliance to NFPA 20 100% Flow at 100% Head
Maximum of 140% of Head at Shutoff Minimum of 65% of Head at 150% of Flow

5 Maximum Allowed Pressure
The pump shutoff pressure plus the maximum static suction pressure shall not exceed the pressure for which the system components are rated for. Pressure relief valves shall not be used as a means to meet this requirement. Variable speed pressure limiting control drivers are acceptable in meeting this requirement (new in NFPA 2003).

6 Fire Pump Drivers Electric Motors Diesel Engines Steam Turbines
Combination of the above

7 Fire Pump Accessories Suction pressure/vacuum gauge.
Discharge pressure gauge. Automatic air release valve Casing relief valve (electric driven) Main pressure relief valve (diesel driven and VFD applications)

8 Suction Pipe & Fittings
Suction can be either from a city water supply or a fire water storage tank. Suction shall be sized so that at 150% of rated capacity the velocity in the suction pipe located 10 pipe diameters upstream of the pump suction flange shall not exceed 15 ft/sec. Concentric reducers are not allowed in the suction piping. UL/FM OS&Y gate valve only.

9 Discharge Pipe & Fittings

10 Relief Valves Used on Diesel Engines
Used with Variable speed pressure limiting control devices Spring direct acting or pilot operated. Relief discharges to an open or closed waste cone. Discharges to suction source or splash block

11 Test Meters Where water usage or discharge is not permitted for the duration of the test. Installed with upstream and downstream pipe runs per meter manufacturer. Where meter downstream run goes back to suction side of pump proper pipe runs must be followed per NFPA-20. A throttling valve shall be installed downstream of the flow meter.

12 Hose Valve Test Header Hose test valves are rated for 250 GPM.
Hose valves shall be mounted on a test head. A UL/FM isolation valve shall be installed upstream of the test head. A Ball drip valve shall be installed if the test head is mounted outside the building to prevent freezing.

13 Specialty Valves & Accessories
Backflow Preventers Suction Control Valves Pressure Regulating Valves Alarm Check Valves Siemese Valves Tamper Switches Flow Switches

14 Pressure Sensing Lines

15 Electric Drive Pumps Power derived by a reliable power source or two or more approved independent sources. Second power source shall be from a second utility or on-site power generation Automatic Transfer switch to be used if two or more power sources are used.

16 Electric Drive Starting Methods
Across The Line Part Winding Wye Delta (open) Wye Delta (closed) Primary Resistance Auto Transformer Solid State

17 Electric Driven Power Supply Arrangement

18 Diesel Engine Driven Accessories
Cooling System Fuel system Raw Water outlet Drain Battery Racks Exhaust System Air Intake Louver for Engine Air Intake (used with buildings)

19 Fuel System design

20 Pressure Maintenance Pumps
Rated for not less than normal leak load. (normally 1% of rated fire flow and 10 psig above rated boost pressure. Discharge pressure shall be sufficient to maintain desired system pressure. Where the shutoff pressure is greater than the pressure ratings of the system components a relief valve shall be installed on the pump discharge.

21 House Utilities (per NFPA-20)
Approved or listed source of heat Artificial Lighting Emergency lighting (including fixed and portable). Ventilation Drainage Convenience outlet

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