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Development Marketplace Theresa Bradley November 19, 2007 Land Administration and Policy Thematic Group.

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1 Development Marketplace Theresa Bradley November 19, 2007 Land Administration and Policy Thematic Group

2 Program Objectives Identify innovative, early stage ideas with potential for high impact Help build the capacity of implementing organizations to execute and scale up their ideas Serve as a convening platform for funders and other development actors Development Marketplace is a competitive grant program that seeks new solutions for sustainable development challenges

3 Global Competition & Knowledge Exchange Sector-focused competition Held every 12-18 months Marketplace in HQ, finalists compete for awards and participate in Knowledge Exchange forums Awards of up to $200,000 Two-year implementation Project Services Supervision and technical assistance Networking opportunities via DM communications Identification of follow-on funders and TA providers DM administers competitions/knowledge exchanges at the global and country levels, and monitors winners Global Competition Program Activities 1 2

4 Global DM2005 – Sustainable Livelihoods 2,600 proposals; 31 winning projects; $4 million Partners: GEF, Conservation International, MacArthur Foundation Global DM2006 – Water Supply Delivery Systems 2,600 proposals; 30 winning projects; $5 million Partners: GEF, Gates Foundation, IFC, Global Village Energy Project Global DM2007 - Health, Nutrition and Population 2,800 proposals; 22 winning projects; $4 million Partners: Gates Foundation, PharmAccess Foundation Global DM2008 – Sustainable Agriculture Launching in early 2008, with following sub-themes: - Linking small-scale farmers to input-outputs markets - Improving land access and tenure for poor farmers - Promoting the environment service of agriculture in addressing climate change and biodiversity conservation Recent DM Competitions

5 Statistics on DM finalists (Global DM2007, as example) Finalists by Organization Type Private Business 13% Academia 12% Development Agency 6% Non-Governmental Organization 62% Foundation 3% Government 1% Individual 3% South Asia 20% Sub-Saharan Africa 34% East Asia & the Pacific 15% Eastern Europe & Central Asia 6% Latin America & the Caribbean 21% Finalists by Implementation Region Middle East & North Africa 4%

6 Legal Aid for Rural Development, Russia DM2000, US$100,000 Project idea To help the poor in rural areas generate income through privately held-family farms by providing legal assistance To set up two Rural Development Institute (RDI) centers Development Potential Progress to date With DM funds, RDI set up two centers in Russia, providing serves to thousands of poor farmers Project was replicated in a range of former Soviet republics including Ukraine, Kyrgyz Republic and Georgia with support from the World Bank, USAID and the Gates Foundation RDI has expanded to India, China and Indonesia, adapting the Russian approach to accommodate local legal and social structures.  In 2006, project team leader Roy Prosterman won the Kravis Award for his work Improving poor farmers’ rights related to land ownership, privatization, taxation, etc Easy to replicate adapting to local legal and social structures

7 Global DM Process and Timeline Call for proposals January 2008 Assessment March 2008 through May 2008 Marketplace & Knowledge Exchange September 2008 Project Advisors Assigned November 2008 Grant Agreements Signed Jan 2009 through Jan 2011 Grant Agreements Signed January 2009

8 All Hands on Deck! DM and Sector Team 220+ assessors; 35+ jurors 25 Knowledge 20+ Knowledge Exchange organizers and speakers 30 WB project advisors Partner Opportunities 1 2 Financial Contributions for 2008 Global DM $2.5 million from WB and GEF Seeking an additional $3.5 million

9 Top Three Reasons to Partner with the DM 1 2 DM mobilizes the efforts of hundreds of development experts to ensure a selection of and support to high quality innovative ideas with the potential for far-reaching development impact. DM partners can dedicate almost all of their contributions directly to project field work 3 DM is a convening platform for forward-thinking partners together finding innovative local solutions for sustainable development challenges.

10 Thank you! For more information, visit: You can also emails us at

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