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Success at GCSE Year 11 Achievement for All Evening 25 th September 2014.

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1 Success at GCSE Year 11 Achievement for All Evening 25 th September 2014

2 Success at GCSE Focus for the evening Communication of key dates Support that the school will provide Process that the students will need to go through to fulfil their potential

3 Success at GCSE Key Dates 2014-15 BSV Consortium Post 16 Info. Evening: Thursday 6 th November Reports issued: Thursday 20 th November LRD: Thursday 27 th November Trial exams: Monday 1 st – Wednesday 10 th December

4 Success at GCSE Key Dates 2014-15 Trial Exam Results Day: Friday 9 th January Year 11 ‘Into the 6 th ’ Evening: Thursday 15 th January Year 11 PTC: Tuesday 20 th January 6 th Form Application deadline: Friday 6 th February Practical exams begin: Thursday 23 rd April (Drama) GCSE exams begin: Monday 11 th May (26 school weeks!)

5 Success at GCSE We’re offering multi-layered support:

6 Success at GCSE 1: Mentoring When? Where? Who?

7 Success at GCSE 2: Study Sessions When? Where? Who?

8 Success at GCSE 3: i-card When? Where? Who?

9 Success at GCSE 4: Faculty support MFL Final controlled assessment dates are: Writing: 13 th Oct and 26 th Jan Speaking: 1 st /2 nd Dec and 10 th March

10 Success at GCSE 4: Faculty support MFL Catch up, revision and controlled assessment support Wednesdays 3.00-4.00pm in C13

11 Success at GCSE 5: Faculty support Maths Support OAs away Day –To be arranged towards the end of the spring term. –This will be for C/D borderline students 6 th Form Maths Tutors –Approximately 14 students assigned for weekly sessions with 6 th Form students in the spring term. This will be a 10 week programme.

12 Success at GCSE 5: Faculty support Other Support Weekly Past Papers –Will be set for HBL –Centre ID : sandringham –Username : same as sandstorm –Password : same as sandstorm LETTS Revision Guides – Login : Sandringham Password : Triangle

13 Success at GCSE 6: Faculty support Science (Double/Triple) To achieve a triple award in Science, students study Core Science, Additional Science and Further additional Science modules. For a double award, Core Science and Additional Science modules are studied.

14 Success at GCSE Faculty support Science (Triple) C1 B2 P2 ISA DONE B3 ISA C2 B1 P1P3 C3 DONE

15 Success at GCSE Faculty support Science (Double) C1 B2 P2 ISA C2 B1 P1 DONE

16 Success at GCSE 6: Faculty support Science (Double) All double Science students will be sitting their Core Science & Additional Science exams at the end of the year. A second Core Science ISA and at least two Additional Science ISAs to be completed.

17 Success at GCSE Faculty support Science (Triple) All triple Science students have finished the Core Science GCSE and results have been cashed in. Additional and Further Additional exams in May 2015 & at least two ISAs

18 Success at GCSE Faculty support Additional support Revision guides (£3) Small group support with Miss Roderick Revision classes as advertised nearer the time.

19 Success at GCSE Faculty support Science (Cambridge Nationals) Students have achieved their first qualification at the end of Year 10. Students now study for the second qualification. Key dates: External moderator due: April-July Examination: 12 th June 2015

20 Success at GCSE 6: Faculty support English Wednesday 3-4pm in A5: Controlled assessment catch-up sessions will be organised by individual teachers and by Miss Catton/Mr Cooper, starting after half term. Once controlled assessment folders are completed to a good standard, these sessions will then focus on revision.

21 Success at GCSE Faculty support English Key dates: Controlled Assessment: W/C 15 th September – Of Mice and Men - loneliness Trial Exam – English Language paper – 3 texts, 3 questions to complete; 1 creative writing response Trial Exam – English Literature – response to Of Mice and Men and Cluster poetry

22 Success at GCSE English ‘Supercram’ sessions will be organised before the English language exam. Literature lunches will be run by English staff to help students to plan for analytical essays. 6: Faculty support

23 Success at GCSE Faculty support English – additional support Sixth form English tutors will be assigned to a select number of students for additional one-to-one support. Revision guides will be available to purchase for all sections of the exam, to support the students with their preparations.

24 Success at GCSE Faculty support Please see information sheet for other subject specific exam and controlled assessment sessions

25 Success at GCSE Trial exams When are they? (1 st – 10 th December) How should they be approached? 6 th Form entry requirements

26 Success at GCSE Revision Reading Processing Summarising Thinking Writing

27 Success at GCSE Revision Find out... What’s on the exam paper How long the exam will take Which day the exam is on

28 Success at GCSE When / how to revise? Don’t panic (good habits)... Make a revision plan Choose the right space Use different tricks, don’t just read through notes Use the internet

29 Success at GCSE MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday 3pm Home, change, drink, snack. 9am- 10am Up, dressed, breakfast. 4pm – 4:30 Science Revision HistoryEnglishScience 10am- 10:45 Science 4:45- 5:30 Homework/ Coursework English French Homework/ Coursework Maths 11am- 11:45 EnglishFrench 5:30- 6:15 Dinner 12pm- 12:45 Photo.History 6:15- 6:45 Maths Revision HistoryScience French Homework/ Coursework 12:45- 1:30pm Lunch 7pm- 7:45 Homework/ Coursework Homework/ Coursework EnglishPhoto. 1:30- 2:30 Maths Homework/ Coursework 8pm- 8:30 Science Revision Favourite TV Programme Science 2:45- 3:45 HistoryFrench 8:30- 9pm Free! 8:45-9:45 Homework/ Coursework Favourite TV Programme Free!! 4pm- 5pm Homework/ Coursework Science 9pm- 9:30 Free! Favourite TV Programme Free!! 6pm- 10pm Free!!

30 Success at GCSE How to revise? Use internet websites BBC Bitesize: Exam boards : a/student/Pages/home.aspx

31 Success at GCSE How to revise? Use internet websites

32 Success at GCSE What you can do:

33 Success at GCSE A Parent View – Mrs Dumsday It’s all about revision Accept your child isn’t you It will affect the whole family Leisure time is important

34 Success at GCSE Parents – what you can do Support (us and students) Communication – regular contact Revision guides External tutors Revision timetable

35 Success at GCSE GCSEs - A Student Perspective Jake and Jodi (Year 12) Be Prepared: Build up resources – ask teachers for useful websites, CGP textbooks, past papers (*check you have the right exam board!) Motivation – It’s hard to be motivated for exams but it’s key to remember that the better you do the more options you will have in the future Friends – Be supportive whilst being competitive! Start early – Be the first to start revising, recap lessons, little bits of revision help

36 Success at GCSE Study hard How often? – Start with 2 nights a week and as it gets closer to exams increase to five, maximum of 2 hours at a time with 10 min break in- between Revision methods – Everyone revises differently. Use past papers and mind map right! Use colour and pictures, make notes on topics from the textbook and YouTube videos Make a home timetable! Sleep – One of the most important things! 8 hours a night

37 Success at GCSE Exams Stay in school – Avoid going home to revise – study in school, go to revision sessions, ask teachers for answers) Confidence – “Success in exams will depend on 40% natural ability, 40% revision and 20% remaining calm” – get an early night before!

38 Success at GCSE Attendance (Aug 2014) 96+% attendance 95% achieved 5A*-C, students averaged 6 A/A*s 90+% attendance 89% achieved 5A*-C, students averaged 3 A/A*s

39 Success at GCSE Attendance (Sept 2014) 155 students in Year 11 have 100% attendance 29 students have missed one day or more

40 Success at GCSE


42 UCAS applications 2008-2014: 2014: 580,203 2013: 558,898 2012: 540,073 2011: 583,546 2010: 570,556 2009: 464,167 2008: 430,489

43 Success at GCSE Why university?

44 Success at GCSE Russell Group

45 Success at GCSE BSV Top 40

46 Success at GCSE The result… (in 2015) Some very happy students at 10am on 20th August 2015 (Provisional Date) Good luck!

47 Success at GCSE Anything else?

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