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CORE SUBJECT INFORMATION EVENING. What are the qualification details? Two AQA Level 2 Certificates (IGCSEs): English Language English Literature.

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3 What are the qualification details? Two AQA Level 2 Certificates (IGCSEs): English Language English Literature

4 English Language Unit 1: Reading and Writing Examination (50%) Unseen text with questions Descriptive, narrative or discursive writing Unit 2: Coursework Project Unit 3: Speaking and Listening

5 English Literature Unit 1: Unseen Poetry and Journey’s End(60%) Unit 2: Shakespeare Coursework (40%)

6 What have they done so far? Students are in the process of drafting their Language and Literature coursework. Each piece is worth 40% of their qualification. All coursework must be handed in in full on Thursday 27 th November.

7 What can be done to help? Please ensure that students are working on their coursework at home. If they are struggling, encourage them to attend the coursework sessions on Friday, Monday and Wednesday. Teachers are available every lunchtime and afterschool to deal with any issues.

8 What needs to be focused on next? Monday 1 st December English Language mock examination. Tuesday 2 nd December English Literature Unseen Poetry mock examination. Wednesday 10 th December Speaking and Listening exam. This is an official examination and is worth 10% of the English Language qualification. For this they must deliver a speech (approximately 3-4 minutes) based on their coursework article and participate in a Q&A afterwards.

9 What can be done to help? Encourage students to attend revision sessions on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Monitor the use of the revision packs which will be distributed on Monday. Listen to their presentations and ask them questions on the content or encourage them to make an appointment with Mrs Dale to do so prior to the examination.

10 What happens after Christmas? Monday 2 nd February English Literature mock exam. Journey's End and Unseen Poetry. All coursework, in it’s final format, must be submitted by Wednesday 11 th February. This deadline is absolute. The focus from February half term onwards is examination skills.

11 What can be done to help? Reading! Revision sessions every Tuesday and Thursday Past Papers Revision Packs Communication with teachers

12 Useful Websites

13 Year 11 Parents Information Evening 19.11.2014 Mathematics

14 GCSE Linear Exams Mathematics- Assessed by exam Board: Currently Edexcel Foundation/Higher Exam linear Non Calculator / Calculator Equal weighting. Key Dates: Wednesday June 4 th / Monday June 8 th MocksWednesday Dec 3 rd / Friday Dec 5 th


16 GradeA*ABCDEFGU Foundation14112110182630 Higher164133955728130 June 2014 GradeA*ABCDEFGU Foundation1451229575480 Higher165135956030150 Average / What to aim for

17 Improve your grade and be a Winchcombe star problem solver Star STOP Read the question carefully and read again THINK What is the question asking you to do, underline key words REFLECT Go through the question ensure all parts have been answered fully ACT Answer the question fully Estimate the answer and check

18 Menorca Holidays DeparturesPrice per Adult for 7 Nights Price per Adult for 14 Nights April - June£549£675 July – Aug£657£750 Sept - Oct£495£625 Mr and Mrs Thomas are thinking about going on holiday June for 7 nights OR Sept for 14 nights They are going to take their 2 grand children Compare the costs of these two holidays for the Thomas family. Discount for children 10% for 7 nights, 20% for 14 nights Read the question What do I need to consider?

19 Some pupils forgot the children!! What do you think were the common errors ? Some pupils that calculated the children going on holiday but did not include the discount!! Compare the 2 holidays, what does this mean? 7 nights 14 nights, Which holiday was the best value for money? THIS IS A 5 MARK QUESTION ! Requires at least 5 pieces of information.

20 Edexcel Level 3 Algebra Stretching the most able This qualification works along side the GCSE exam, targeting algebra at predicted A/A* students. It offers the opportunity for stretch and challenge that builds on the Key Stage 4 curriculum and is intended as an additional qualification to the GCSE Mathematics, rather than as a replacement.

21 There are 4 lessons a week Include an hour of homework a week 21 weeks at school (including exam week) Not taking account of any days off, inset days etc.

22 THE MATHS 5 x 21 = 105 hours of maths before the exam (including homework) 105 ÷ 7 = 15 Average working day is about 7 hours So exam in about in about 3 weeks

23 That’s 2 weeks before Christmas! Time for ACTION……. NOW!!!

24 Time for ACTION……. 15 minutes a day would get 170 days x 15 = 2550 minutes Which = over 42 hours On top of their school lessons and homework


26 Practise, Practise, Practise Short, concentrated question answering on a regular basis Examples from MyMaths, Methodmaths, Youtube, BBC bitesize, Question book support etc. Then practise again by question answering


28 Go to webpage: Login: winchcombe The pupils all have their own individual login and passwords to access their homeworks (they should be written in their planners). Password: density

29 Core subjects parents evening 2014

30 Core Science Year 10 3 subject exams and Controlled Assessment Additional Science Year 11 3 subject exams and Controlled Assessment Triple Science Groups Also study B3, C3, P3 Controlled assessment for each science GCSE Science & GCSE Additional Science Approx 55% of pupils doing this GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics Approx 30% of pupils doing this Coursework based. Pass, Merit and Distinction opportunity. Pass equivalent to C at GCSE. Exam to be introduced 2015 Approx 15% of pupils doing this BTEC Science Level 1 11A2 11B1 11A1 11B2

31 12 th May pm BL2 / BL3 14 th May 2015 am CH2 / CH3 20 th May 2015 pm PH2 / PH3 5 th June 2015 pm BL1 9 th June 2015 pm CH1 12 th June pm PH1


33  Support your child when completing homework ◦ Triple science will be one piece per subject per week (3 science homework’s each week) ◦ Additional Science will be set one piece per subject each fortnight ◦ BTEC are not usually set homework because most work is coursework that must be completed in a controlled environment however they can revise for their exam.  Support your child with revision ◦ Mock exams at the beginning of February ◦ Real exams during mid May (before they break for exam leave) ◦ BTEC exam in March and June for resit if needed.  Routine when and where homework is completed ◦ Most pupils will attempt to battle with you about homework and revision. Set a time and a place to avoid this battle.

34  Doddle ◦ We have purchased an online revision resource. Your child can access this at ◦ Log on is the same (or similar) to school username ◦ Eg ASalisbury or asalisbury ◦ Password is “winchcombe”  Revision guides ◦ £4.50 from the finance office (usually £9)  Practice papers ◦ £2.50 from the finance office (usually 5.95)  Regular revision throughout the year ◦ If they say they have no homework then they can start building on revision work. It’s never too early.  Flash cards ◦ We will print these for each pupil so you can sit and revise with them.  Loan text books are available at request. ◦ Ask your child to speak to your science teacher if they need one.



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