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In association with: ITInews. In association with: ITInews live on 30 th July 2005 To serve –Consumers –Businessmen –Financial Advisors And the industry.

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1 In association with: ITInews

2 In association with: ITInews live on 30 th July 2005 To serve –Consumers –Businessmen –Financial Advisors And the industry that supports them –Companies –Brokerages –PR and Marketing ITInews Launch

3 In association with: 18-year Heritage Inherits its authority, excellence and tradition from Insurance Times & Investments Building on a foundation of 18 years’ standing The regular glossy magazine has served the consumer and financial advisor since 1988 Its Save and Prosper philosophy now comes to the Internet through ITInews

4 In association with: What ITInews Offers Shop Window for Products & Services Press Office Email Services & Branding Event advertising SearchLight enhanced news retrieval service News Feeds, industry updates & sales support

5 In association with: News Feeds Daily news feeds from: –Insurance & Investment industry –Press Office postings –Public Relations & Marketing companies –Global and Southern African general news –Insurance Times & Investments magazine

6 In association with: Library & Archive All material is archived Supported by a library of related information SearchLight retrieval, minute by minute updates from: –Daily news feeds –Insurance & Investment company Press Offices –Library updates –Consumer & Legal alerts

7 In association with: Free to You! Remember lots of things are free –Lock into SearchLight: You get found more often Whether it is in the Press Office, news feeds, email distribution, archives, or article library Wherever you are visitors will find you –Don’t forget, hitch a Free Ride on the regular and comprehensive ITInews email newsletter

8 In association with: Free company listings to all significant role players ITInews is about a community of all people involved in the financial services industry – engaging the consumer ITInews also facilitates communication between members of this community The ITInews Press Office allows you to choose more than one category for your listing Listing

9 In association with: Free listing for financial advisors and brokers, making sure that the community you want to speak to is listening, and that there is no barrier to entry Allows for target marketing of the ITInews database on a number of variables –Nature of business – Geographical area – Age, sex, language etc Find an Advisor

10 In association with: Publish your own news articles or delegate this to your PR Company Premium front-page position in the most relevant category Your company’s interactive showcase is an ITInews Press Office Featuring : –Contact details, hyperlinked to your website –Press releases –Recruitment and event advertising –Banners and advertising –Searchable archive of all your news ITInews Press Releases

11 In association with: ITInews distributes targeted media releases via email to all industry professionals on an almost daily basis Your Press Releases and News are automatically distributed with the ITInews email newsletter thus ensuring legitimacy and acceptance (Branding of the email is an option) You can rely on this to communicate directly with advisors, brokers, personnel and clients ITInews Email Distribution

12 In association with: An on-line advertising strategy is part of marketing - include it in yours with the ITInews Press Office that is designed to do just that If you are a client of the ITInews Press Office, you don't pay more to advertise on your pages You have great products and a brand, don't lose this opportunity to promote them ITInews Advertising

13 In association with: The ITInews calendar has been designed as an Industry- wide planning tool Once you have created an event on your press office on ITInews it is automatically posted: – To the front page of the ITInews site, – To the ITInews Industry calendar,ITInews Industry calendar – To your own Press Office page and – Distributed by email ITInews Calendar

14 In association with: Why should you pay more for recruitment advertising when you can get this as part of your own press office Marketing and recruitment drives often coincide – Your recruitment advertising is automatically posted – To the front page of the ITInews site, – To a General Vacancy Search on the siteGeneral Vacancy Search – To your own Press Office page – Distributed by email ITInews Recruitment

15 In association with: How this Benefits you! The Power of the ITInews is yours: –Publish your own marketing material every day –Display company news & products –If you’re there SearchLight will find you (free) –Your news and product information emailed to over 20,000 listed financial advisers & consumers (free)

16 In association with: What it Costs Press Office costs just R500 per month per company This includes: –Support and training for the duration of the contract –Quality control of all press office articles –Setup and Commissioning Sponsored email branding service: 30c per mail recipient –Create brand awareness in your target market –Harness ITInews cost-effective marketing tools –Measure distribution performance accurately

17 In association with: ITInews Thank you for your attention during this presentation and we look forward to your registration and listing on ITInews if you are not already there. If you are interested in participating in the ITInews press office kindly contact the for documentation, call 021 – 6712240 or visit the

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