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Free or Inexpensive Marketing Ideas Jill Demars, Adam Frederico, Leslie Fonbuena, KC Corbett.

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1 Free or Inexpensive Marketing Ideas Jill Demars, Adam Frederico, Leslie Fonbuena, KC Corbett

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3 Types of Marketing Facebook Twitter YouTube Blog Social Media Google Places Website building Simple SEO Other Online Ideas Word of mouth Newsletters Promotions Use Existing Customers Connect with the community Civic Involvement 3

4  Facebook  Create your own page  YouTube  Create a channel and post videos  Twitter  Gain followers and tweet deals, updates  Blogging  Create your own or have someone blog for you Downside: Data analytics are tough to retrieve. Social media mainly used to bring awareness and to gain mindshare. 4 Social Media

5 Using YouTube   “The Worlds Best Blenders”  Founder: Tom Dickson  179,000,000 total views since 3 years ago 5 Social Media

6 YouTube for Dummies  Create an account  Owned by Google – use your email log-in or create a different one for your business  Create title and channel tags (keywords)  Change themes/colors/modules  Channel Type:  YouTuber – basic channel type  Director – “performer info”, longer videos  Musician – custom logo, tour dates, CD purchase links  Comedian – show-date information, purchase links  Guru – custom logo, genre, links  Reporter – Beat, Influences, Favorite news sources  Put links on your website/blog/newsletter, etc. 6 Social Media

7 Advertising on Blogs 7  Advertise on others’ blogs  ranges from $30 up to thousands   depends on popularity of blog (number of views)  Creating your own blog  Free  Directing traffic to blog can be tricky  Humorous or interesting blog posts  Distribute website through newsletters, word of mouth Social Media

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9 Google Places  Helps you gain visibility with local customers through Google search  Provides insights regarding your customers  Is a good option if your business:  Has a physical address  Involves face-to-face interaction with customers  Is legally formed and operating  Provides clear guidelines and steps for creating your Google placeGoogle place  Free! 9 Other Online Ideas

10 Free Website Building  Utah online: Google campaignGoogle campaign  Only takes 60 min to create a website  A free, easy-to-build, professional website  A free customized domain name and hosting for one year  A free local business listing on Google Places  Free tools, resources, and local events Example site:  10 Other Online Ideas

11 Use Existing Customers 11 Newsletters Promotions Word of Mouth Referrals Use Existing Customers

12 Getting Customer Referrals Be specific 12 Provide IncentivesGift for Friend Most Effective Use of Existing Customers Use Existing Customers

13 Compare and Contrast 13  YouTube  Good for company who want to increase brand image  Not good for driving transactions &understanding customers  Blogs  Good for getting information to followers  Not good if you don’t want to update it almost daily  Google Places  Good for physical business w/ face-to-face interaction  Not so good for getting other information to customers  Website  Good for a quick way to show you’re in business  Free tool not so good for detailed designs & complex formats  Using Existing Customers  Good for an inexpensive way to get word of mouth referrals  Not so good if you don’t have customers or a good product

14 Recommendation 14  Choosing a combination of the ideas previously outlined will provide the best results for most businesses.  Social Media + Google Places + Blog/Website + Using Existing Customers = Success

15 Questions? 15

16 Appendix 1: Other Online Tools  Google places  URL:  Free Website  URL: _medium=cpc&utm_content=en_UT&utm_campaign=skws  Free Guidebook which includes  Create your website  Drive visitors to it  Get found online in your town  Build a loyal set of fans  Serve your customers wherever they are  Measure and learn what works 16

17 Appendix 2: Starting on YouTube  YouTube tip sites:  10 killer tips for creating a branded YouTube channel 10 killer tips for creating a branded YouTube channel  Brand your business with YouTube Brand your business with YouTube  Lots of good information out there on how to effectively use YouTube to attract new customers and market your brand 17

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