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Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery

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1 Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery

2 Luria-Nebraska Neuro- Psychological Battery
A multidimensional battery design to assess a broad range of neuro-psychological functions. It is to diagnose general and specific cognitive deficits including lateralization and localization of focal brain impairments. It aids in the planning and evaluation of rehabilitation programs.

3 It is based on the theories and diagnostic procedures of the Russian Neuro-Psychologist A. R. Luria.
It offers the benefits of standardised administration and scoring. There is both quantitative and qualitative scoring procedures.

4 General Description The LNNB adult is a 269 items (form I) and 279 items (form II), children is a 149 items, individually administered battery. For each item the client is assigned a score of 0 (normal), 1 (weak evidence of brain disorder), or 2 (strong evidence of brain disorder).

5 General Description contd…
These individual scores are then summed in various combinations and finally converted to overall T-score for each scale. The overall scale is divided in to 11 clinical scales, 5 summary scales, 8 localization scales and 28 factor scales.

6 Clinical Scales Motor Functions
Rhythm (ability to hear rhythmic patterns and musical tones) Tactile Functions Visual Functions Receptive Speech Expressive Language Writing

7 Clinical Scales contd…
Reading Arithmetic Memory Intellectual Processes Delayed Memory

8 Summary Scales Pathognomonic Left Hemisphere Right Hemisphere
Profile Elevation Impairment

9 Localisation Scales Left Frontal Left Sensorimotor
Left Parietal-Occipital Left Temporal Right Frontal Right Sensorimotor Right Parietal-Occipital Right Temporal

10 Factor Scales Kinesthesis based movements Drawing speed
Fine Motor speed Spatial Based Movements Oral Motor Skills Rhythm& Pitch Perception

11 Factor Scales contd… Simple Tactile Sensation Stereognosis
Visual acuity and Naming Visual Spatial Organization Phonemic Discrimination Relational Concept

12 Factor Scales contd… Concept Recognition Verbal Spatial Relationship
Simple Phonetic Reading Word repetition Reading Polly-syllabic words Reading Complex Materials

13 Factor Scales contd… Reading Simple Materials Spelling
Motor Writing Skills Arithmetic Calculations Number Reading Verbal Memory

14 Factor Scales contd… Visual and Complex Memory
General Verbal Intelligence Complex Verbal Arithmetic Simple Verbal Arithmetic

15 Areas of Application The LNNB is used to diagnose cognitive deficits, including lateralisation and localisation of focal brain impairments. The LNNB detects very specific problems, as well as mild impairment that might otherwise go unnoticed.

16 Depending on the patient’s condition, it can be given in a single session or in a series of brief sessions. Completely portable, it can even be given at bedside if necessary.

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