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Agenda Counselor Assignments Timeline of registration events Graduation requirements/Credits Highland Bell Schedule Choosing classes/Core levels/Electives.

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2 Agenda Counselor Assignments Timeline of registration events Graduation requirements/Credits Highland Bell Schedule Choosing classes/Core levels/Electives Typical Freshmen schedule Registration Form/Infinite Campus Requests Final Points Summer School More Info Links How to Have a Great Freshman Year

3 COUNSELOR ASSIGNMENTS Rosemary CortezA – Cha Nicole GenaChe – Fo Cindy HarrisonFr - Ka Teresa LakeKe – Lu Sam WeissLy – Per Gene ValocchiPet – Sm Jim Baker Sn – Z

4 REGISTRATION TIMELINE February 24th & 25th –(HJHS & GJHS) Students receive registration materials and presentation. The Infinite Campus Portal Opens to input class requests. February 28th –Q&A session/Input help-HJHS Library, parents welcome 7:30-9:30 am. March 2 nd - Portal closes all requests must be entered into Infinite Campus March 3rd- All registration forms due to Jr. High English Teachers

5 Credit(s) English4 Math4 Science (Lab Bio required) 3 Social Studies3 Physical Education1 Computers½ Electives4 ½ CTE/Fine Arts (any combination) 2 Total Credits Required future mandated assessments. English4 Math (through Pre-Calculus or the equivalent) 4 Science3 Social Studies2 Foreign Language (2 years of the same language) 2 Fine Arts1 Total Credits Required16 Gilbert Public Schools Graduation Requirements Arizona University Entrance Requirements 22

6 CREDIT EXAMPLES *See your Yellow Sheet* Lab Biology – Yearlong Course SC120 A (semester 1) SC120 B (semester 2) B+.5 cr.A-.5 cr. (Total 1.0) Clay I – Semester course VA121 C+.5 cr. Culinary Arts I – Semester course LM107A-.5 cr.

7 Highland High Bell Schedule A – HOUR6:30 - 7:25* no transportation provided, limited choices 1 st HOUR7:30 – 8:25 2 ND HOUR8:30 – 9:25 3 RD HOUR9:30 – 10:30*announcements- start of the hour 4 TH HOUR10:35 – 11:30*1 st lunch 5 TH HOUR11:35 – 12:30*2 nd lunch 6 TH HOUR12:35 – 1:30 7 TH HOUR 1:35 - 2:30 8 TH HOUR 2:35 – 3:30 *no transportation provided, limited choices

8 ENGLISH PLACEMENT English 8 or Lang. Arts 8 Hnrs English 8 **Required Summer Reading** A Separate Peace, John Knowles


10 Honors Math 8 (or) Can Take Algebra 1/Honors Algebra 1




14 MODERN LANGUAGES **All students sign up for level 1 of a language**



17 IMPORTANT REGISTRATION NOTE **Please note that elective changes will NOT be allowed if you receive the elective/alternate classes you have requested. This is true for the entire year! **It is imperative that you wisely select your courses. If you do not select alternates, or complete registration form, it will be completed for you by a counselor. **These will not be subject to change

18 Entering Course Requests From Home STUDENTS MUST ENTER THEIR COURSE REQUESTS VIA INFINITE CAMPUS STUDENT PORTAL. For Junior High Students, the portal to Infinite Campus will open on Monday, February 24th – Sunday, March 2, 2014. On the HHS website will be the Written Instructions as well as a video demonstrating the data entry. We still will collect white course request forms. Those will be due to English Teacher Monday, March 2 nd, 2014.

19 How To Enter Course Requests on Infinite Campus Video


21 Global Academy/Online Learning Incoming Freshmen can only take limited courses, it is not necessary to get HHS Counselor approval. For specific questions please consult Global Academy/Online Learning on the GPS Website:block schedule, classes, etc. Please be aware that online classes may NOT meet NCAA requirements. Potential Change with Online Providers Discussion is being held regarding outside online providers & credit issued by GPS. Students & parents are strongly advised, after May 23,2014 to contact HHS Counseling to determine credit eligibility.

22 Summer School Cost will be $160 per semester ($25 fee for cancelled or class change requests) Summer school June 2 – June 26 th at GHS – students must provide their own transportation to summer school Registration will be available online only at beginning March 3, 2014. Courses taken before 9 th grade are not NCAA approved

23 Summer School 2014 Summer School Courses Available to Incoming 9th Graders: BT 123 Comp. Tech. for College and Career Readiness Full Year BT 124 21st Century Applications Semester Class BT 155 Game Design I – Elective Semester or Full Year FL 109 Spanish I – Elective Semester or Full Year VA 146 Digital Photography I – Elective Semester or Full Year Math Topics 1 & 2 Prep – No Credit Semester Class PE 100 P. E. – Boys Semester or Full Year PE 101 P.E. – Girls Semester or Full Year SS 100 World Studies Semester or Full Year

24 Course Description Book Find the 2014-15 Course description book online at:

25 Course Description Book Cont.

26 Course Description Book - Important Pages Pages 3-13: This section of the book contains general information regarding NCAA Eligibility, Dual Enrollment information, Charts for graduation requirements as well as Reference charts for class offerings and what credits each class constitutes (ie computers, economics, etc) Page 75: Honors and AP English Summer readings Page 77-80: Online Course Info & Offerings

27 Honors Testing Honors Testing will be held at HJHS on May 12, 8:00am. Please see Ms. Post, for details on testing. You must have an Honors Test on file for Honors courses


29 QUESTIONS ?????

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