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Highland High School. Tonight We Will…. Present general information regarding course selection for our HHS students. Discuss the Course Selection Process.

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1 Highland High School

2 Tonight We Will…. Present general information regarding course selection for our HHS students. Discuss the Course Selection Process. Provide information on how to input your son or daughters course selection on the Infinite Campus Portal.

3 Course Selection Time Line For Current HHS Students January 16th: Students will receive a credit check, the course selection form, and a master list of courses offered by grade level. All students will receive this in their 1 st hour class. (if your child does not have a 1 st hour class, they can pick up their info in the counseling office with our counseling receptionist) January 20th: Current Sophomore class presentation January 21st: Current Junior class presentation January 22nd: Current Freshman class presentation Student Portal Opens January 16th - Students may begin to enter course requests Student Portal Closes– February 1st - Deadline for course requests to be entered. Week of February 2nd – 20th Course Advisement – Students will meet with their counselor to receive advisement and to confirm course selection.

4 Items needed for Course Selection – Found online only…HHS Website Course Description Book Directions on how to input classes into Infinite Campus. Directions Course Advertisements With your son or daughter, please take time to review the information in the Course Description Book and the Planning Guide.

5 Important Pages in the Course Description Book Pages 3-13: This section of the book contains general information regarding NCAA Eligibility, Dual Enrollment information, Charts for graduation requirements as well as Reference charts for class offerings and what credits each class constitutes (ie computers, economics, etc) Page 77-80: Online Course Info & Offerings Page 82-89: EVIT Course offerings

6 Credit(s) English4 Math (Algebra II or Algebraic Functions I Required) 4 Science (Lab Bio required) 3 Social Studies3 Physical Education1 Computers½ Electives4 ½ CTE/Fine Arts (any combination) 2 Total Credits Required Must Meet Standard on AIMS Reading, Writing and Math or other future mandated assessments. English4 Math (through Pre-Calculus or the equivalent) 4 Science3 Social Studies2 Foreign Language (2 years of the same language) 2 Fine Arts1 Total Credits Required16 Gilbert Public Schools Graduation Requirements Arizona University Entrance Requirements 22

7 What are Fine Art/CTE Credits Fine Art classes include: Fine Arts – Performing, Fine Arts – Visual, & Dance (2 nd year of PE if one is a dance class). CTE classes include: Agriculture, Business, Family & Consumer Sciences, Industrial Education and EVIT. *A 4 th year in Student Council, ROTC, AVID or Sports Training may substitute for one credit of the CTE/Fine Art requirement. Note: These classes would not meet university fine art requirements.

8 A Typical Senior Schedule Senior English Government & Economics Math Elective or Missing Required Course for Graduation Elective or course needed for post secondary plans Elective All students must be enrolled in a minimum of four credit earning classes, regardless of credits needed for graduation. We encourage seniors to attend a full day, to better prepare for their post secondary plans. If a senior desires release time, a release time form must be signed by parents..

9 Senior Registration –Required Senior Classes Senior English: Senior English IV, English 101/102 or AP English. Note, English 101/102 are dual credit classes and students must pay community college tuition if they plan to enroll in this class. Tuition is paid at the beginning of the semester and students must test into this class during the spring of their junior year. Government: Students may select from Government, We the People, or AP American/AZ Government. Also, the 4 th year of ROTC will meet the Government/Economics Requirements. Economics: Students may elect to take one of the following: Ag Business & Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Stock Market, AP Economics, Cooperative Learning Classes (work study) or the fourth year of ROTC. Math: 4 years of Math is a graduation requirement. Several math options are available. Note: students must complete Algebra II or Algebraic Functions 1 to graduate from GPS.

10 A Typical Junior Schedule English III, AP English III or Block English (optional 2 hour block of English/History) American History, AP American History, Block History Algebra II or Algebraic Functions I Science: Many options are available through our Science Department or through our Agriculture Department Elective or PE or Computers Elective : Please note CTE /Fine Art requirements are being met

11 A Typical Sophomore Schedule English II, Honors English II or Block English (2 hour block of English/World Studies) World Studies, AP World Studies or Block World Studies Math: Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra II or Honors Algebra II Science – Many options are available through our Science Department or through our Agriculture Department. Elective or PE or Computers Elective (Please note CTE/Fine Art Requirements) Note: 10 th grade students may not be a student aide (increasing the importance of wisely selecting electives to meet post secondary goals).

12 My Child will be bringing home a Credit Check form. How do I read this and utilize it for registration?

13 As you can see, this student is currently enrolled in 3.0 credit earning classes. At the end of the year he/she will have earned 19.0 credits. 22 are required for Graduation.


15 Important Registration Information It is very important that your son/daughter complete the registration paperwork completely and accurately. Student requests drive the master schedule. Please note that elective changes will NOT be allowed if your student receives the elective/alternate classes they requested. It is imperative that your students wisely select the courses that they are requesting for next year. All current HHS students must enter their requests, online via the Infinite Campus Student Portal no later than 2/2/2014.

16 Entering Course Requests From Home STUDENTS MUST ENTER THEIR COURSE REQUESTS VIA INFINITE CAMPUS STUDENT PORTAL. The Infinite Campus Portal will be available to all current HHS students from January 16 thru February 1, 2015. For Junior High Students, the portal to Infinite Campus will open on February 23 thru March 1, 2015 On the HHS website will be the written instructions as well as a video demonstrating the data entry.written instructions

17 Current HHS students will be able to receive data input assistance (if needed) during open door counseling the week of January 26-30, 2015: 4 th hour: 10:30 – 11:00 5 th hour: 12:00 – 12:30 Before or after school Current HHS Students will meet one on one with their counselor during course advisement during February. During Advisement times, students will need to bring their completed and signed course selection form. We suggest that students create a list of questions to bring to their advisement time. Questions may include college requirements, repeating a class for a grade change, questions on course selection and NCAA requirements, etc. Unfortunately, other appointments at this time are not available. Therefore, student attendance is important during the course selection process.

18 Correspondence/ONLINE Guidelines Students may come into counseling during open door lunch or get the paperwork before or after school. Please be aware that online, distance learning courses may NOT meet NCAA eligibility requirements. Starting next fall, any additional class after six will have a fee of $160.00 per class, per semester. Potential Change with Online Providers Discussion is being held regarding outside online providers and credit issued by GPS. Students will have to take and pass our final with a 70% for core classes or it will be an elective credit.

19 Summer School Approximate cost will be $160 per semester *$25 fee for cancelled or class change requests *$25 late registration fee Summer school June 1 – June 25 at Gilbert High School students must provide their own transportation to summer school. Registration will be available online only at in March, 2015.

20 NCAA – Potential Athlete If your son or daughter is hoping to be a student athlete in college, there are many requirements that must be met to qualify through the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse. Requirements have changed for the class of 2016 and beyond. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure she/he is NCAA eligible. Check out NCAA Eligibility Center for details and information.

21 Additional Information The Highland High School Website Counseling link will contain the PowerPoint Presentations that your child will view this next week, all handouts they will be receiving on Friday, as well as the video on how to enter the course data.High School Website PowerPoint Presentations Course Information/flyers may be found on the HHS website and are a great source of information. Take time to review these with your child, as they may discover a class they would like to take. Course Information/flyers Remember that the Course Description Book may be found online at the Gilbert Public Schools website.Course Description Book


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