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Presentation on theme: "Highland High School. INFINITE CAMPUS STUDENT PORTAL  OPENS FOR COURSE SELECTION DATA ENTRY 1/16/2015  CLOSES TO ALL STUDENTS ON 2/1/2015  ALL STUDENTS."— Presentation transcript:

1 Highland High School

2 INFINITE CAMPUS STUDENT PORTAL  OPENS FOR COURSE SELECTION DATA ENTRY 1/16/2015  CLOSES TO ALL STUDENTS ON 2/1/2015  ALL STUDENTS MUST ENTER COURSE SELECTIONS BY 2/1/2015 February 2-20: Course advisement/verification with your counselor. This time will not be spent entering course requests. If you have not completed your requests, we will select your classes for you. This time is for questions regarding the selections you have made.  Course Request Form due at this time.

3 On the HHS website main page (Course Selection)HHS website find the following:  Course Description Book  Fees  Prerequisites  Course description  What it may count as (ie CTE/Vocational/Fine Art, science, math, computers etc.)  If the class is offered for dual credit  Handouts you received Friday in your 1 st hour class  Special Course Advertisements  Instructions on how to enter your course requests in the Infinite Campus Portal.

4 Credit(s) English4 Math (Algevra II or Alg. Functions I) 4 Science (Lab Biology) 3 Social Studies3 Physical Education1 Computers½ Electives4 ½ Voc Ed/Fine Arts (any combination) 2 Total Credits Required Must Meet Standard on AIMS Reading, Writing and Math English4 Math (through Pre-Calculus or equivalent) 4 Science3 Social Studies2 Foreign Language (2 years of the same language) 2 Fine Arts1 Total Credits Required16 Gilbert Public Schools Graduation Requirements Arizona University Entrance Requirements 22

5  Pages 3-12: This section of the book contains general information regarding NCAA Eligibility, Dual Enrollment information, Charts for graduation requirements as well as Reference charts for class offerings and what credits each class constitutes (i.e. computers, economics, etc)  Page 69 provides Pilot Course Information  Page 73 – 75: Online Course Info & Offerings  Page 77 – 85 EVIT Course offerings

6 Computers- (1/2 credit) this credit can be completed through a variety of courses. Some year long classes award computer proficiency credit if the entire year of the course is completed. Consult your course catalog on pages 10 & 11 or look for *This course will meet computer technology proficiency requirements within the course description. Computer in the title does not mean it will meet GPS proficiency (example, computer programming does not count for computers, but rather an elective or CTE credit.) CTE/ Fine Arts - (2 credits) Courses in the following departments that will meet the requirements for CTE credits: Agriculture Education, Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Industrial Education. Some courses in the following departments will meet the requirements as well: Communication & Media, JROTC, and Special Education. Courses taken at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) will also meet this requirement. Please refer to course descriptions for further information. Courses in the following departments will meet the requirements for Fine Arts credits: Fine Arts-Performing, Fine Arts-Visual, and dance courses offered within the Physical Education Department. *Do not forget that one Fine Art credit is required for instate universities.

7  Courses will be offered based upon number of student requests.  Please choose your classes carefully.  Requests for changes are limited, may be denied, and are subject to administrative approval.  If you receive the classes that you have requested schedule changes prior to school or before the 2 nd semester will not be permitted.  No more than one credit of Teacher’s Aide can be counted towards graduation.  Release time will be offered only at the beginning or end of the school day. You must have a signed released time form attached to your WHITE registration worksheet before released time can be scheduled. Released time forms can be picked up in counseling or in the front office. In order to qualify for released time, you must be on track to graduate.

8  English IV or English 101/102 or AP English IV  Government & Economics or equivalent  Elective or Missing Required Course for Graduation  Math  Elective  All seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of four credit earning classes, regardless of credits needed for graduation.  If a senior desires release time, a release time form must be signed by parents. Also, remember that you must write in release time on your course selection form for the hours you are requesting it. The RT numbers differ for each hour, so copy them carefully onto your form.

9 AP English IV is a year long class A student may take AP English semester one and English 102 if they passed the AP English Language exam with a 4 or 5 OR English 101 & English 102 These classes are dual credit and students must be enrolled and pay tuition at the community college in order to take these classes. Also, students will take the Accuplacer test this semester in order to enroll in the class. OR English IV Is a year long, one credit class. On your course request form remember to indicate both semesters as EN405A and EN405B *New this year and replaces previous literature and composition senior English classes*

10  ½ credit Government or AP Government or We The People  ½ credit Economics _______________________________________________________ Senior Social Studies is also comprised of two separate semesters. One must be American/ Arizona Government and the other must be a choice from variety of classes which fulfill the Economics requirement. Economics courses:  Economics (sem.) – NCAA Approved  Stock market (sem.) – NCAA Approved  AP Economics – NCAA Approved  Entrepreneurship (sem.)  Marketing Ed. (full year)  Ag Business & Management (full year)  Ag Entrepreneurship  Business Internship/ COE  HERO  Agricultural Coop (ACE)

11 AR104 - Leadership Education Training JROTC Now counts for Economics and Government upon the completion of the entire year! This must be your fourth year in the JROTC program in order to earn the gov/econ credit.

12 These programs must be taken for an entire year and are offered to seniors only. One (1) hour of class per day plus 15 hours of work per week is required. This is a three credit earning course counting as elective or CTE and ½ credit counting toward Economics requirement ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Agriculture Cooperative Ed. (ACE) - See Ms. Dillard in room 5109 AG400/401 Or Industrial Cooperative Ed. (ICE ) - See Mr. Askew in room 5114 IE400/401 ___________________________________________________________ Business Internship (COE) - See Mr. Holck or Mr. Richardson room 1105/1107 BU400/401 ___________________________________________________________ HERO/HERO COOP - See Ms. Hesse in room 5150 LM400/401


14 16.0 + 3.0 = 19.0... I need how many more credits to graduate?


16 RT747B Release Time X MA410A Pre-Calculus SS115 American/Arizona Government BT124 21 st Century Applications RT746A Release Time RT747A Release Time LM100 Clothing I AG120A Ag. Engineering/Fabrication I SS140 Psychology I FL509A Japanese I X EN405A English IV MA410B Pre Calculus SS110 Economics EN500 Creative Writing RT746B Release Time EN405AB English IV LM101 Clothing II AG120AB Ag. Engineering/Fabrication I VA122 Clay II FL509B Japanese II X RT746B Release Time

17  You will need to have correct course numbers and the correct names entered on your course request form.  Make sure if it is a year long class that you have written A or B or a W. You will find correct numbers on the pink handout you received.  Also make sure that you have completed the alternate courses section of the form or counselors will select courses for you in the event of conflicts in scheduling  Remember, these are only requests.

18 These were left off of your yellow sheet (but you must input on Infinite Campus when you enter your data) are:  Al741a/b = 1 st hour  Al742a/b = 2 nd hour  AL743a/b = 3 rd hour  Al744a/b = 4 th hour  Al745a/b = 5 th hour  Al746a/b = 6 th hour  Al747a/b = 7 th hour

19  If you are hoping to be a student athlete in college, there are many requirements that must be met to qualify through the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse.  Requirements have changed for the class of 2016 and beyond. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure she/he is NCAA eligible.  Check out NCAA Eligibility Center for details and information.

20  There is an optional tour on February 26 th and there will be a sign up sheet in the counseling office.  EVIT will be on campus with their counselor on March 5 th to assist in completing their registration.  Cosmetology students apply sooner. Applications are now available in counseling and are due 24 th.  Evit will take 3 hours on your form and all EVIT students must have lunch on their schedule.

21  Students may come into counseling during open door lunch or get the paperwork before or after school.  Please be aware that online, distance learning courses may NOT meet NCAA eligibility requirements.  Starting next fall, any additional class after six will have a fee of $160.00 per class, per semester. Potential Change with Online Providers Discussion is being held regarding outside online providers and credit issued by GPS. Students will have to take and pass our final with a 70% for core classes or it will be an elective credit.

22  Cost $160 per semester *$25 fee for cancelled or class change requests *$25 late registration fee  June 1st – June 25th at Gilbert High School students must provide their own transportation to summer school.  Registration will begin in March and available online only at

23  Please note that elective changes will NOT be allowed if you receive the elective/alternate classes you have requested. This is true for the entire year! It is imperative that you wisely select your courses.  Keep in mind that you CANNOT request classes be on your schedule during a particular hour.

24 INFINITE CAMPUS STUDENT PORTAL  OPENS FOR COURSE SELECTION DATA ENTRY 1/16/15  CLOSES TO ALL STUDENTS ON 2/1/15 **ALL STUDENTS MUST ENTER COURSE SELECTIONSBY 2/1/15 February 2-20: Course advisement/verification with your counselor. **Course Request Form due at this time.

25 Students will be able to ask questions of counselors during our open door counseling times:  4 th hour: 10:30 – 11:00  5 th hour: 12:00 – 12:30  Before/After School  Problems with Infinite Campus Portal and entering your requests, stop by during open door or before or after school. Remember, you can also use the Library computers if you do not have access at home.  Remember that you will meet with your counselor after you input your course requests for advisement and verification of your requests through your English class.



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