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Freshman Guidance High School Information Graduation Plan for Class of 2018.

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1 Freshman Guidance High School Information Graduation Plan for Class of 2018

2 Focus on the Goal: High School Graduation – 2018! Includes HB 5 revisions

3 Grade Classification Freshman 9 th grade Sophomore10 th grade(5.5 credits ) Junior11 th grade(12 credits) Senior12 th grade(18 credits) Freshmen students with 5.5 credits will move to WHS at the end of the year.

4 Graduation Plans Requirements Foundation High School Plan Consisting Of: English4 English 1 English 2 English 3 An advanced English course

5 Graduation Plans RequirementsFoundation Plan High School Plan Consisting of: Math4 Algebra 1 Geometry An Advanced Math Course

6 Math Specifics: Examples 8 th : Algebra 1 9 th : PAP Geometry 10 th : PAP Algebra 2 11 th : PAP Pre-Calculus 12 th : AP Calculus OR AP Statistics OR Advanced Quantitative Reasoning 9 th : Algebra 1 10 th : Geometry 11 th : Algebra 2 12 th : Pre-Calculus 9 th : Algebra 1 10 th : Geometry 11 th : Math Modeling 12 th : Algebra 2 Math Modeling must be taken prior to Algebra 2

7 Graduation Plans RequirementsFoundation High School Plan Consisting Of: Science4 Biology IPC or An Advanced Science Course Any Advanced Science Course

8 Science Specifics 9 th : PAP Biology 10 th : PAP Chemistry 11 th : PAP Physics 12 th : AP Biology 9 th : Biology 10 th : Physics 11 th : Chemistry 12 th : Forensics 9 th : Biology 10 th : IPC 11 th : Chemistry 12th: Physics Additional Sciences currently offered: IPCAnatomy and Physiology ChemistryAquatic Science PhysicsForensic Science AP PhysicsAdvanced Animal Science AP Biology Food Science AP Chemistry Examples:

9 Graduation Plans RequirementsFoundation High School Plan Consisting Of: Social Studies4 World Geography World History United States History Government Economics

10 Graduation Plans RequirementsFoundation High School Plan Consisting Of: Physical Education Can take up to 4.0 credits of Athletics 1.0 Physical Education Any UIL Sport Cheerleading Fine Arts1.0 Art Choir Theatre Band

11 Graduation Plans RequirementsFoundation High School Plan Consisting Of: Foreign Language:2 Same Language Spanish French American Sign Language Computer Programming

12 Graduation Plans RequirementsFoundation High School Plan Consisting Of: Electives5.0Lots of offerings

13 Graduation Plans Requirements Total Credits26 *Students receiving special education services will have individualized considerations in their diploma plans based on the ARD committee decisions.

14 Endorsements: There are five endorsement categories. They are: STEM Business and Industry Public Service Arts and Humanities Multidisciplinary

15 Endorsements: The State Board of Education requires students to earn any endorsement by successfully completing a total of 26 credits. The endorsement area will be noted on the student’s diploma and transcript.

16 Business and Industry Endorsements include: Animal Science Horticulture Mechanical Systems Architecture and Construction Graphic Design Animation A/V Production Business Finance Culinary Arts Marketing Automotive Technology English

17 Public Services Endorsements include: Education and Training Health Science Cosmetology Law Enforcement

18 STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Endorsements include: Engineering Computer Science Mathematics Science

19 Arts and Humanities Endorsements include: Art Choir Dance Instrumental Music Theatre Social Studies Foreign Language English

20 Multidisciplinary Studies Endorsement Includes: Four advanced courses Four credits in each of the four core foundation subject areas Four credits in Advanced placement or dual credit courses from English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Foreign Language or Fine Arts.

21 Performance Acknowledgement A performance acknowledgement may be earned and placed on the student’s diploma and transcript for outstanding performance in: a. Dual credit course b. Bilingualism and Biliteracy c. AP test d. PSAT, ACT-Plan, SAT or ACT OR For earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license.

22 Distinguished Level of Achievement A student must successfully complete the 26 credits of the core curriculum in the foundation high school plan consisting of requirements plus: Algebra 2 At least one endorsement A fourth advanced science credit

23 End of Course Exams (STAAR) Students will take 5 End of Course (EOC) Exams. These include: English 1, English 2 Reading and Writing Algebra 1 Biology United States History

24 Focus on developing: Good Study Habits Being Responsible Making Positive Choices Becoming Independent Planning Setting goals All freshmen students will need to meet with their school counselor to develop a high school 4-year plan.

25 Look out for: Attendance Concerns Missing Assignments Missing Credits—Credits are earned at the end of each semester Missing Deadlines

26 Rank and G.P.A. Students who graduate in the Top 10% of their class AND have earned the distinguished achievement level under the foundation program are eligible to receive guaranteed admissions to Texas State Universities. University of Texas at Austin is Top 7%. Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) will be calculated on a 4.5 scale for all students. Note: Pre-AP and AP classes receive an additional.50-1.0 weighting for G.P.A. (5.0-5.5 scale).

27 Subject Load Weatherford Freshman will take 8 classes each term (Periods 1-8) WHS Sophomores and Juniors will also take 8 classes each term (Periods 1-8). Seniors may be eligible for early dismissal based on their selected coursework, grades, STAAR testing, etc.

28 Subject Load? Can sophomores students take all 4 core classes as Pre-AP? Answer is “yes” – Pre-AP is open enrollment, therefore; careful consideration must be given for additional commitment. Most students who are successful in Pre-AP classes make A’s and high B’s. Pre-AP classes are easy to get into and difficult to exit. Be serious about taking this class if you sign up. Suggestion: Keep it balanced.

29 Testing Opportunities High School End of Course Exams (required for graduation) PSAT – Practice or Competition – WHS ACT – College Admissions SAT – College Admissions ASVAB – Military TSI - THEA/COMPASS/ACC- PLACER

30 Websites:

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