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Graduation Requirements And Options For Amarillo ISD Incoming Freshmen.

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1 Graduation Requirements And Options For Amarillo ISD Incoming Freshmen

2 The Specifics STAAR EOC Exams 5 End-of-Course Test requirements: English I English II Algebra I U.S. History Biology All of these must meet state standards before a student can graduate. Graduation Options Graduation Plan options for incoming Freshman: Foundation High School Program + Endorsement FHSP + Endorsement + Distinguished Level of Achievement Effective 2014-2015

3 AISD Map Your Plan Go to AISD’s homepage Click on the “Parents” icon at the top. Click on “College and Career Readiness” Click on the “High School Graduation Requirements” link for all of the planning tools and information available to help map your student’s plan.

4 Core Requirements of the Foundation Graduation Plan (FHSP) 4 English (English I, English II, and English III, and one advanced English credit) 3 Math (Algebra I, Geometry, and one advanced Math credit) 3 Science (Biology and IPC, Chemistry or Physics, and an Advanced Science credit) 3 Social Studies (World Geography OR World History, US History, Government, Economics) 1 Physical Education 1 Fine Art 2 Credits of the same foreign language ½ credit Dollars & Sense and ½ credit Speech (Local requirements) 4 electives 22 Credits… to start with

5 From the Texas Education Agency: Foundation – Statutory Requirements Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, a school district must ensure that each student, on entering ninth grade, indicates in writing an endorsement that the student intends to earn.

6 Five Endorsements

7 FHSP + Endorsement Each endorsement requires 4 additional credits to include: –A 4 th math credit –A 4 th science credit –2 additional elective credits specific to the endorsement area 26 Credits Total

8 AISD Programs of Study Offerings Within each of the five ENDORSEMENTS, there are multiple pathways (called Programs of Study) that a student may pursue. Think of the 5 endorsements as different destinations on a map. The programs of study are the various paths that you can take to reach your destination. Here is a quick look at the program of study offerings in AISD

9 26 Credits Program of Study Options: Fine Arts Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, or combination of two disciplines Foreign Languages 4 Levels of same language or combination of 2 different languages Social Studies 5 social studies credits

10 26 Credits Program of Study Options: Agriculture Architecture Audio Video Technology Automotive Advanced Broadcast Journalism Advanced Journalism: Newspaper Advanced Journalism: Yearbook Building Maintenance Business Debate Construction Technology Culinary Arts Electrical Technology Graphic Design Information Technology Machining Welding

11 26 Credits Program of Study Options:  Education & Training  Health Sciences  Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice  Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

12 26 Credits Program of Study Options:  Engineering  Electronics  Advanced Mathematics  Advanced Sciences

13 26 Credits Program of Study Options: Option 1 Advanced level courses from within 1 or more endorsements (from list of approved courses) Option 2 4 credits in each cores subject area to include English IV, chemistry and/or physics Option 3 4 credits in advanced placement, International Baccalaureate, or dual credit selected from English, math, science, social studies, economics, foreign languages, or fine arts.


15 AP Courses…and where do they fit within the Endorsements? AP, or Advanced Placement provide opportunities for students to earn college credit. Pre-AP courses are offered to help students prepare for taking upper level AP courses No matter which Endorsement area your child chooses, there will be multiple opportunities to take Pre-AP and AP courses.

16 FHSP+ Endorsement + Algebra II = DISTINGUISHED LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT To earn the Distinguished Level of Achievement, students must complete: –FHSP requirements –One Endorsement –Algebra II ONLY students completing the Distinguished Level of Achievement are eligible for college admission under the top 10% automatic admission provision to state universities. 26 Credits

17 Performance Acknowledgements Recognizing student’s outstanding performance in the following areas: Dual credit course Bilingualism and Biliteracy Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams PSAT, ACT-PLAN, SAT, or ACT Business or Industry Certification or license Performance Acknowledgements will be posted to students diploma and transcript

18 Tools to Help You Find Your Way…

19 Tools to Help You Find Your Way… Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) Provides a roadmap of your child’s progression through high school. Includes relevant information about your child such as: –Courses taken –Test grades –Four year graduation plan –Future plans Is to be completed in partnership with the counselor, student, and parent/guardian

20 CAPS Readistep Tools to Help You Find Your Way…

21 Other Helpful Resources –Select the Parent Link Button at top of page –Select Graduation Plans for additional information –Bridges is an online career guidance tool available to AISD students –Each student has a portfolio account and access to postsecondary and career information. –College and career planning web resource with many tools to help with the college/career planning process –Information about HB 5 graduation requirements may be found under the “Parent Resources” on the main page.

22 For additional information, contact your child’s school counselor.

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