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Voting and Elections CP Political Systems.

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1 Voting and Elections CP Political Systems

2 Pre Chapter Questions Directions: You have 7 minutes to answer the following questions ON YOUR OWN! Write answers only. What are 2 qualifications you have to meet in order to vote in the U.S.? Which right is considered by many outside of this country to be our greatest freedom? What are voting districts called? (HINT: Police Stations) The 2000 Election was very controversial because of suspected voting mistakes in which U.S. state? Which Constitutional Amendment changed the voting age in the U.S.?

3 Voting Qualifications
In order to vote in U.S. elections you must be 18 years old Resident of the state you’re voting in Citizen of the U.S. Registered to vote

4 Who Votes? People eligible to vote are called the electorate
People’s voting rights will be denied if They are inmates in mental hospitals They have been convicted of a felony They do not meet the residency requirements in their state

5 Who Votes? Voter Residency Requirement Days

6 Who Votes? Effects of Felon Voting Bans on African American Males

7 Why Should I Vote? The right to vote is considered to be our greatest freedom People should exercise their right to vote because it allows citizens to Choose their govt. leaders Elect new leaders if dissatisfied with performance of current leaders Express their opinions on public issues Smoking Ban in GA Rests.

8 Where Do I Vote? Precincts
Each address is assigned to a specific precinct number Each precinct has specific locations where its residents go to vote (polling stations) Can find precinct number here: (if registered)

9 Gwinnett County Precinct Map

10 Sample Voter Info Card

11 How Do I Vote? Polling stations open as early as 5AM and close as late as 8 or 9 PM (GA 7am-7pm) Each voting precinct decides the method of voting to use: Mechanical Machine - Levers Electronic Voting – Touch Screen / Optical Scan Paper Ballot – Paper/Punch Card

12 Voting Methods

13 Voting Methods Electronic Voting Opti-Scan Voting Machine
Touch Screen Voting

14 Voting Methods Mechanical Machine

15 Voting Methods Paper Ballot Datavote Basic Paper
Punch Cards (holes called CHADS)

16 2000 Election Controversy

17 2000 Election Controversy Palm Beach County

18 Voting Methods

19 When Do I Vote? General Election Day
1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in Nov. Could be voting for President of the U.S. Governor Senators Representatives State Legislators Any state, federal, or local officials Mid-term Elections (Same Day as Above) Elections in which members of Congress and some Governors are being elected, but not the President

20 Voting Types Straight Ticket Voting
Voting for all candidates in one party Some states make it easy by having a column on ballot for each party

21 Voting Types SEE HANDOUT FOR EXAMPLE Split Ticket Voting
Voting for candidates of different political parties for different offices SEE HANDOUT FOR EXAMPLE

22 Voting Types Write In Voting
Voters can write in names of candidates they wish to vote for, whose names do not appear on the ballot Candidate has to be an officially endorsed candidate for vote to count

23 Voting Types Absentee Voting
Voters who cannot get to the polls on Election Day can use an absentee ballot Can be requested from the local election board as early as 180 days before Election Day Ballots opened and counted in your precinct on Election Day

24 Voting Types Advance Voting
Allows any registered voter to cast a ballot in person at the county voter registration office during normal business hours on the Monday through Friday of the week prior to an election.

25 Counting the Votes Election workers count votes after polls close
Ballots then taken to election board and they count votes again News media and party workers try to predict winners as soon as possible through exit polls also used to deter voter fraud

26 Pol.Parties/Voting Quiz : 3/8/2006
Answer the following questions on your own paper: What is the main goal of the Republican and Democratic parties? What is the second step in getting a party candidate elected to office? What is the term used to describe the act of a newly elected party member giving loyal party supporters jobs or favors? List the 4 qualifications to vote in the U.S. What is the term used to describe anyone who is eligible to vote in U.S. elections? What is the term used to describe the voting districts in which we have to vote? According to the map we looked at in class, why do 30% of African American males in Florida not vote?

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