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Supervisor Training for Payroll Information & the Web Time Sheet System.

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1 Supervisor Training for Payroll Information & the Web Time Sheet System

2  Policy 1302 defines student employment and who is eligible to be considered a student employee  The roles and responsibilities of all departments, staff and students involved in the process are clearly defined within the policy  Each area on campus has a designated hiring manager that has been through mandatory training and these individuals are the only people authorized to hire student employees What the Policy Says

3  Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week during academic periods and no more than 40 hours per week during break periods  The allowable work hours per week for students during academic and break periods cannot be exceeded even if the student holds multiple jobs on campus – it is your responsibility as a supervisor to work with the other departments to be sure the student is in compliance  Violations of the hours worked per week could lead to your department losing their ability to hire student employees Key Points from the Policy

4  Affordable Care Act began in calendar year 2014 and requires that health insurance coverage be given to all employees who work on average 30 or more hours per week  The Commonwealth has adopted a provision in the 2013 Appropriation Act that limits wage employees to working no more than 29 hours per week on average over the course of 12 months  This means no more than 1500 hours can be worked during the measurement period by student workers or regular hourly employees. NO EXCEPTIONS  The ACA measurement period for the Commonwealth will be May 1 – April 30 (This is for student and hourly workers)  Compliance with the allowable work hours per week in Policy 1302 allows student employment to meet the Commonwealth criteria Effect of Affordable Care Act

5  We have developed reports that will utilize the web timesheet system to help monitor compliance with allowable work hours per academic and break periods for student employees  These reports also assist in monitoring hourly compliance with the 1500 hour rule  Department heads will be notified if an area under their supervision violates the allowable work hour rules for student employees  Areas that violate the policy could lose their right to employ student workers Monitoring Compliance

6  Student wages are set by Human Resources in Policy 1303 – exceptions to pay rates outside of this policy must have prior approval of the Director of Human Resources  The FICA Safe Harbor for student workers applies only when they are enrolled in classes for at least half time – student employees not enrolled in summer courses but continuing education in the Fall will be subject to FICA taxes – non-compliance with the work hours in Policy 1302 can jeopardize this Safe Harbor Other Notable Items

7 2014-2015 Undergraduate and Graduate allowable work hours Pay Period Ranges # of weeks in rangeAllowable hoursTotalNotes 04/27/2014-05/03/2014140 Classes end 4/29 05/04/2014-08/23/20141640640Summer Break 08/24/2014-12/13/20141620320Fall Semester Begins 8/25 12/14/2014-01/03/2015340120Winter Break 01/04/2015-02/28/2015820160Spring Semester Begins 1/7 03/01/2015-03/07/2015140 Spring Break 03/08/2015-04/25/2015720140Classes end 4/28 1460 1500Governor Mandate 40Allowance for unforeseeable conditions 2014-2015 Calendar of Hours

8 Overtime All overtime MUST be approved through the proper channels prior to use. *** Approval can be obtained from Cindi Perry, Chief Of Staff. *** ***Overtime is not allowed for Student Workers.***

9  The current Pay Schedule for Student and Hourly employees is available on the Business Office Website.  If a timesheet is submitted late by the employee, the late timesheet will be processed on the next available pay date. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If a timesheet is approved by the supervisor late, but submitted on time by the employee, please contact Payroll immediately. All timesheets are to be approved by 5 p.m. the Monday after the pay period ends, unless specified otherwise. Pay Schedule

10 Direct deposit is mandatory for ALL employees with the exception of Federal Work Study students and/or students under the age of 18. Direct Deposit Requirements  Please note:  If an employee’s direct deposit information is NOT received within 2 pay periods from the date of hire; the employee will NOT be able to continue working until the information has been provided.

11 An electronic copy of an employee’s payroll information to include their paystub and W-2’s are available on Payline. *** If an employee needs additional help accessing Payline, please refer them to the Payroll Department. Located in Gosnold Hall; Room 226 or call 757-594-7416. *** Paystub and W-2 Retrieval

12  MUST utilize Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser (enable compatibility mode)  Web Time Sheet is NOT compatible with Google Chrome or Safari  If you are having difficulties, please try another computer. If not successful, contact the Payroll Department. 757-594-7416 Web Time Sheet System Requirements

13 Web Time Sheet A newly hired employee’s time sheet will not be visible in your drop down menu for approval UNTIL the employee submits their first time sheet. (excludes proxy groups) All employees MUST have 2 approvers. A primary and an alternate. Any change requests regarding either approver has to come from that approver’s supervisor. This request MUST be in writing and include a list of the employees affected.

14 Web Time Sheet Submitted Notification

15 Web Time Sheet Access

16 Time Sheet Home Page

17 Approving Time Sheets

18 Approving Time Sheets Cont.






24 ***If you approve a timesheet and are informed later that the hours were incorrect, and the time sheet has NOT been processed, contact Payroll immediately to have the time sheet unlocked. Once the time sheet is corrected, re-submit for approval. ** Once the time sheet has been processed; Payroll will NOT be able to unlock it.

25  Student Employment Questions  Nicole Hunter 594-7283  Timesheet and Hourly Employment Questions  Jessica Smith 594-7416  John McCall 594-8864 Contact Information

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