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Student Employment Office (SEO) Student Employment Orientation Abridged Version.

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1 Student Employment Office (SEO) Student Employment Orientation Abridged Version

2 Student Employment Contact Information

3 Key Points To be eligible for employment beginning on the 1 st or 15 th of the current month, students must complete and submit all documents included in the new hire or rehire packets and submit to the Student Employment Office at least five (5) business days before your prospective date of hire – no exceptions will be made. If you are a New Hire, you must complete Student Employment Orientation at If you are a Rehire and have not completed Student Employment Orientation since Fall 2011, you must complete the refresher orientation at

4 SEO Policies & Procedures View All Policies & Procedures on the SEO Website at

5 Standard SEO Dress Code View complete Dress Code procedure online at

6 Unacceptable Clothing Items in the Work Place Strapless, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, see-through garments, or spaghetti straps (tank tops may be acceptable in athletic department or a department using students to do outside work during the summer months) Bare midriffs Short-shorts (no exposing of any portion of the torso) Spandex pants or other tight fitting clothing Unsafe jewelry or unsafe clothing Shirts, tops or sweaters unbuttoned below the sternum Flip-flops, slippers or shower shoes

7 Wage Requirements Student Wage Table All student employees will be paid according to the Wage Table at Minimum Wage Provisions Student workers will be paid at least the federal minimum wage Students processed through Work Study, Student Hourly, or Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching title codes are NOT eligible to receive group insurance benefits **The department is responsible for ensuring that student employees are paid for ALL hours worked.**

8 At Will Employment All student worker positions at Prairie View A&M University are at will, meaning any student worker may be dismissed from employment with or without cause. Nothing in this regulation shall be interpreted as modifying any student workers at will status.

9 You May Be Terminated if …. You are excessively Tardy/Absent You do not adhere to the Student Responsibilities Expectations You are not performing your Job Duties satisfactorily You demonstrate a Poor Work Ethic or Attitude You engage in Gross Misconduct (Theft, Insubordination, etc. )

10 Student Employment Grievances View Complete Procedure Online at Complaints must be made within 7 business days of the action which caused the complaint SEO will serve as mediator between department and student

11 Work Study Guidelines, General Terms & Conditions Guidelines for the Acceptance and Usage of Work Study Funds & Employment Conditions 1. Provide the SEO & hiring supervisor w/ Award Letter at the time of Hire Important Your work study award is subject to be cancelled, reduced, or increased at the discretion of the Office of Student Financial Aid. General Terms for Monitoring Work Study Awards 1. You must monitor your work study award 2. Complete the Work Study Balance Sheet after every payroll ending period 3. Submit your Work Study Balance Sheet to your Supervisor to review after submitting time 4. You must stop working once you have earned your work study award

12 You must stop working for the semester when you run out of hours!

13 Consequences for Not Monitoring your Work Study Award Your department will be CHARGED! or in some cases You may be CHARGED! Other Consequences FAO may reduce your other awards (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships) You may lose future eligibility to participate in the work study program

14 State Mandated Training Requirements All student workers must complete 5 online training modules as mandated by the State and TAMUS SEO requires training be completed by all new hires prior to your date of hire All State mandated and TAMUS training modules must be re-taken every 2 years of employment

15 New Hires 4 Steps To Receive Your UIN 1. Complete All Forms within your New Hire Packet 2. Submit your information to SEO to process UIN 3. Retrieve your UIN from SEO 4. Complete the State Mandated Online Training Re-Submit your packet to SEO after completing ALL 5 trainings!

16 Student Payroll Process Pick Up Checks in WR Banks or Sign Up For Direct Deposit online through HR Connect at


18 On Your First Day Of Work…. Make Sure You Have Access to Time Traq If you do not have access, YOU MAY NOT WORK! Let your supervisor know if you are unable to access Time Traq - this may mean your EWR has not been approved.

19 FAQs: Questions & Answers!

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