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2013-2014. Introduction The purpose of this guide is to familiarize students and supervisors with the policies and procedures regarding Samuel Merritts.

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1 2013-2014

2 Introduction The purpose of this guide is to familiarize students and supervisors with the policies and procedures regarding Samuel Merritts Federal Work Study program. Any student and supervisor/employer who will be participating in the FWS program MUST read the guide in its entirety before a student can begin working. For additional information on Federal Work Study policies and procedures, please contact Tari Witherspoon, Associate Director of Financial Aid at 510-869-1539 or

3 What is Federal Work Study? Federal Work Study (FWS) is a program that provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate financial need. FWS allows for students to earn money to assist in educational and personal expenses. Earnings from FWS are paid directly to the student.

4 Who is eligible for Federal Work Study? Undergraduate and Graduate Students who request FWS when they apply for financial aid and indicate a work preference on the FAFSA AND who have a remaining unmet need after packaging all other forms of financial aid are eligible to be awarded. Students must be enrolled at least half time and maintain standard academic progress in order to remain eligible for FWS.

5 Types of Federal Work Study Employment Opportunities - On-campus - Off-campus (private or non-profit organization) - Off campus Community Service

6 Finding a job Most students find positions by checking with departments in person or visiting the human resources page on our main website. Departments seeking to hire students must have an accurate and updated job description on file with the financial aid office before a student can be hired. If a student is interested in an off campus community service position, please contact Dr. Craig Elliott at

7 How much is a Student awarded? Students with remaining unmet need are initially packaged with $1000 which can be increased to a maximum of $4000 per award year. Awards in excess of $4000 will require an appeal submitted by the student and supervisor and must have the approval of the Financial Aid Office.

8 How many Hours can a student work? We encourage all students to put their class and study time first. Given the rigorous nature of the programs students are not allowed to work during any scheduled class time and should not exceed 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment and 40 hours per week during vacation periods which includes summer. Supervisors are responsible for making sure they have copies of their student schedules when they are hired to ensure that we are following federal regulations.

9 Departmental Allocations All Departments must submit updated job descriptions in order to be allocated funds for the upcoming award year. Funds are allocated annually each June and are effective July 1 st. Allocation is based on average spending patterns from the current year. Each Division has a cushion of $3000 should any one department go over their allocation. Should a department need to increase their allocation please contact Tari Witherspoon in the Financial aid office. Those hiring students should be the primary supervisor, thus having signature authority for time cards.

10 The hiring process Students must pick up a FWS new hire form from the financial aid office to confirm eligibility This form must be completed by the student and the supervisor. The form should be returned to Tari Witherspoon for final review. Once eligibility has been confirmed a student must fill out a new hire packet in the campus service center before they begin working.

11 How are Students Paid Typical Federal work study jobs have a pay rate of $12 per hour with the exception of a few specialized positions. For those positions, Supervisors must work with Financial Aid for approval of the higher pay rate.

12 Time Cards Students must submit time cards for each pay period that they have worked. Each time card is to be accurately filled in with the appropriate cost center, pay rate and supervisors signature. Time cards are to be submitted to the Campus Service Center for verification and then sent to payroll. Time cards that are not accurately filled out will be returned to the student and supervisor and may delay the processing of a student paycheck. Please note it is the supervisors responsibility to make sure the cost center indicated also matches the department for which their FWS funds have been allocated.

13 Check Distribution and Payroll Schedule Paychecks will be available to be picked up at the Campus Service Center for those who do not have direct deposit. Students who participate with the Direct Deposit program, their paychecks will be deposited directly into the students bank account.

14 Student Rights and Responsibilities Rights: - Information regarding their award amount, rate of pay, average number of hours per week, and general FWS procedures. - A clearly defined work schedule, which accommodates their course schedule and academic requirements. - Adequate training to perform assigned tasks - A safe, clean, and professional working environment - Supervision and direction from faculty or staff - Instructions for recording hours worked, as well as information regarding the Universities payroll procedures and payroll calendar

15 Student Rights and Responsibilities Responsibilities: - Become familiar with information provided regarding the terms of the FWS award and FWS program procedures. - Communicate with supervisor regarding schedule - Notify supervisor immediately if you expect to be absent or late

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