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Unit 8: What’s she like?.

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1 Unit 8: What’s she like?

2 Warm up: Describing people
Your task is to describe you best friend (appearance, personality, interests/hobbies to your partner. In order to do this, we usually ask the following questions: Appearance: What does he/she look like? Example: He is tall and handsome. He has short, dark hair. Personality: What is he/she like? Example: She is generous. She always thinks of me first. Interests/Hobbies: What does he/she like to do in their free time? Example: He likes to play baseball. He plays every weekend.

3 Conversation: Who are they for? to give a hand = to help
Got it. = I understand.

4 Conversation: Who are they for? Comprehension Questions
Why does Cindy need Russell to help her? (she seems busy) Who is the soup for? (the woman with the wavy brown hair) Who is the sandwich for? (the woman with the short dark hair) Who is the burger for? (the woman with the long, straight blonde hair.

5 Vocabulary: Describing people 1. slim – thin, skinny (-) (He is slim.)
4. short – (He is short.) 2. medium/average build – (He has a medium build.) 5. medium/average height – (He is medium height.) 3. overweight – big, chubby, fat (-) (He is overweight.) 6. tall – (He is tall.)

6 Vocabulary: Describing people 7. young – (He is young.)
8. middle-aged – (He is middle-aged.) 9. in his seventies – (He is in his seventies.) *You can add early, mid-, or late to give more details. (He is in his late seventies.)

7 Vocabulary: Describing people
10. good-looking – (She/he is good-looking.) 12. attractive – (She/he is attractive.) 11. handsome– (He is handsome.) 13. pretty – (She is pretty.) Others: beautiful (both), gorgeous (both), average-looking (both)

8 Vocabulary: Describing people 14. short hair – (She has short hair.)
15. medium-length hair – (She has medium-length hair.) 16. long hair – (She has long hair.) *Others: shoulder-length hair 17. straight hair – (She has straight hair.) 18. wavy hair– (She has wavy hair.) 19. curly hair – (She has curly hair.)

9 Vocabulary: Describing people
20. blonde (NOT YELLOW!!) hair – (She has blonde hair.) 21. brown hair – (She has brown hair.) 22. dark hair – (She has dark hair.) *Others: black hair, dark brown, light brown, red 23. bald – (He is bald.) 24. a beard – (He has a beard.) 25. a moustache – (He has a moustache.) *Others: (has) facial hair, (has) a goatee, (has) a shaved head

10 She has long, wavy, brown hair.
Vocabulary: Describing people Another important language note is the order of adjectives for hair, beards, eyes, etc.: 1. length - She has long, ... 2. shape/style – She has long, wavy, … 3. colour – She has long, wavy, brown … She has long, wavy, brown hair.

11 Speaking: Tell me about them
When describing someone, start with general appearance. Then add more details such as hair, facial hair, eyes, age, etc.

12 Grammar: Adjectives and adverbs
Adjectives An adjective is used to describe a noun or pronoun. Example: She’s a careful driver. (The adjective ‘careful’ describes the woman/driver.) Adverbs An adverb describes a verb or in other words, how someone does something (how an action is done). Example: She drives carefully. (The adverb ‘carefully’ describes how the woman drives.)

13 Ask your partner each question in activity 3.
Grammar: Page 50 check You’re a great dancer. He cooks very well. You play the guitar badly. She sang the song perfectly. He’s an excellent server. Ask your partner each question in activity 3.

14 Speaking: Find someone who…
In order to complete this activity, you must ask questions to your group. ...reads fast (Do you…?) Do you read fast?

15 Your story: Russell visits Matt

16 Your story: Russell visits Matt More expressions: Come right in.
Matt’s long dark work jewelry long dark buildings on Have nice get More expressions: Come right in. It’s great to see you. Grab a seat. Would you like…?

17 Real-world listening:
Inside a hair salon curly long brown gray blonde blue

18 Speaking: Who is it? Describe each person’s appearance to your partner. Have them guess who you’re describing.

19 Speaking: What kind of person are you? Ask your partner each question.
Remember to expand and ask follow-up questions!

20 Remember to expand and ask follow-up questions.
Speaking: What’s she like? Ask your partner to describe the personalities of each person in the left column. Remember to expand and ask follow-up questions.

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