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Applied Testing and Technology Specialists in Software Testing.

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1 Applied Testing and Technology Specialists in Software Testing

2 Overview Founded in 1993 Privately held, Delaware corporation Focused on testing projects and tools Offices: –Los Gatos, CA (Silicon Valley) –Minneapolis, MN

3 Offerings Outsourced Testing Projects –Automated and Manual –Functional/Usability, Performance, and Compatibility Certification Programs Test Automation Tools

4 Where We Shine Clever, effective solutions to hard problems Wide ranging experience Full-time, long-term professional staff Technical and management methodology Can-do attitude

5 Technical Strengths Windows, UNIX, Mac WWW, XML, E-commerce, N-tier End user apps/consumer products Test automation All types and aspects of testing Test tools, harnesses, and infrastructure

6 Functional Testing Projects Component, System, Regression... Manual and Automated GUI, API, CLI Black, Gray, White box Negative and Positive testing Usability testing

7 Compatibility Testing Projects Interoperability with –OSs –Hardware –Browsers –Servers –Databases

8 Performance Testing Projects Assistance with defining metrics and goals Test development –Stress –Scalability –Benchmarks Test execution, results analysis, fault isolation, performance tuning

9 Project Methodologies Start from customer requirements Solve the problem with lots of good ideas Become part of your team Formal planning and tracking Flexible and reactive to changing needs

10 Project Methodologies IEEE 829 Test Plans and Specifications Automation where practical Projects are always milestone oriented Staff of experienced developers do the test design and development Staff of experienced testers do the testing

11 Certification Programs Testing and Branding services –Systems and applications –Testing, auditing, administration, standards Extensive experience –88open portability certification program –Sun Java Compatibility Audit Center –Open Group Test Centre

12 ApTest Automation Tools ApTest Manager –Web based requirements and test management –Define and execute tests and view and compare results

13 Market Expertise E-Commerce Financial Telecommunications Health Care Embedded Personal Productivity.. Operating Systems Middleware Development tools

14 Testing Expertise Application Testing –WWW –Java –CORBA –GUI: Windows/UNIX –Client/server Middleware –ORB test suite for OMG –CORBA Services test suites

15 Testing Expertise System Software –UNIX test suite –X Windows test suite –MOTIF test suite –ABI test suites for Motorola HP Development tools –EABI test suites for IBM Intel Motorola

16 Test Tool Expertise Including –Mercury, Segue –Test Expert –TET, DejaGNU –ADL

17 ApTest - Technical Excellence Weve been there and done that –All layers of system and application software –All contemporary software technologies –Varied markets –Varied test tools and environments –Varied project structures and roles

18 ApTest - Commitment to Quality Our people make your products quality their personal responsibility We test to achieve quality, not complete checklists We constantly evaluate the total project and product, looking for ways to improve

19 ApTest - Commitment to You Understand your needs Provide practical solutions to your problems Work with your team Help react to changing conditions

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