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Websydian products.

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1 Websydian products

2 Content Websydian and Soft Design The Websydian focus
The world of today What are we up against – the challenge Websydian Products Features Benefits Websydian taking on the challenge

3 Websydian and Soft Design
September 2010

4 and the business noticeable
Websydian philosophy Make IT invisible and the business noticeable September 2010

5 Websydian focus Web access for CA Plex and CA 2E (and RPG)
We have been involved with CA Plex and 2E from the start We know how Plex and 2E work We have been making web applications and web services from the start We build Websydian based on experience and feedback We extract the best of all and put it into Websydian September 2010

6 The world of today A flatter, smaller and faster world
Non-stop change is the new normal Demand for speed and adjustment to change Information travels fast: , web casts, remote access to systems Automation and self-service September 2010

7 What are we up against? IT applications in a flatter, smaller and faster world demand: access regardless of time and place communication between incompatible systems, platforms and languages flexibility and adaptability ”look and feel” data security usability September 2010

8 Access Employees work from home, airport, hotel etc. Save time
Easier and faster to solve tasks Less stress – job satisfaction Customers access your web site 24/7 Tasks are taken over by customer Good service September 2010

9 Communication between incompatible systems
Communications between your own different systems Making things work Reuse what you already have Think SOA Communication between your systems and your customers system Ease communication Make them choose you Customer’s demand September 2010

10 Flexibility Changes in the back-end system must not make other parts of your application crash. Screen must not be technically frosen September 2010

11 Look and feel A question of branding What you look and feel like
Can improve usability September 2010

12 Usability Customers will choose the shop that is easy to use.
Your people will get the job done faster with a usable tool. September 2010

13 Security New accesses New communication lines Require new measures!
September 2010

14 Websydian products Web Developer:
Dynamic web application development with CA Plex (patterns) TransacXML: Provide and consume web services in CA Plex WE for RPG: Web development for RPG WebsydianExpress: Platform, runtime, development environment, API’s, generic features, session control, user management, etc. GUI like applications with Ext JS – scheduled for release 2011 WE for 2E: Web development for 2E September 2010

15 WebsydianExpress? What the user sees
Design Login Menu Security Plex/2E When extending Plex/2E functionality onto the Internet, you need a lot of under-lying technology and features the user doesn’t see. These are often the most time consuming tasks. Transport layer What the user doesn’t see Authorization system User managment Session control Administration September 2010

16 WebsydianExpress Design Login Menu Security Plex/2E In WebsydianExpress all the features which are marked in orange is pre-developed ready for you to use. Transport layer Authorization system User managment Session control Administration September 2010

17 WebsydianExpress Key features:
Web framework, site and transport layer out of the box Interface between your back-end apps and the web (APIs) Session control Administration module User management system with login facility Message log Page Modeler – generates HTML code Language support for multiple language sites Encryption and signatures to protect data September 2010

18 WebsydianExpress Key benefits:
An entire infrastructure and a ready site Genric features: menu, login, user management, language support Not necessary to collect and evaluate information – it has been done Reuse application and skills Focus on business functionality at once Comprehensive security set up Web based user administration Years of experience free September 2010

19 Websydian Web Developer
Key features: One skill-set needed WebsydianExpress included: session management, user management, presentation layer management etc. Application data integrity Separation of application functionality and visual design Platform and web server independence Scalability on demand Encryption and signatures to protect data Full support for ASP and JSP scripting September 2010

20 Websydian Web Developer
Key benefits: Fast way to a access the Web High level of security Fast development process with patterns Reuse of skills: corporate developers take over web development Focus on business workflow instead of technology Developers focus on functionality, designers on visual design September 2010

21 Websydian TransacXML Key features:
Receive and process XML documents in back-end systems Generate and send XML Documents Import and export schemas and WSDL Relational database abstraction Easy-to-understand standard interface to XML documents Fully compliant with established XML standards W3C DOM standard interface September 2010

22 Websydian TransacXML Key benefits:
Communicate with otherwise incompatible systems No prior knowledge about XML required Use existing data and applications Let corporate developers take care of XML application development Extend any XML application to handle new types of XML documents fast, safely and easily Concentrate on corporate core business activities September 2010

23 In the making Ext JS integration with Websydian see
September 2010

24 Websydian and the challenge
Access √ Communication between incompatible systems√ Flexibility √ Look and feel √ Data security √ Usability √ September 2010

25 Getting started Go to, register and download
Send us an Substantial documentation site Sign up for our newsletter automatically when you register and get information about web casts, product development, tips and ideas. September 2010

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