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Orientation For Students of: Anthem College Online.

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1 Orientation For Students of: Anthem College Online

2 Purpose & Objectives This orientation is designed to help you: Better understand the SOAR Student Assistance Program Learn how and when to use the program


4 Why use the SOAR Program? WHY USE THE SOAR PROGRAM? Emotional Well-being: Managing stress Family/Personal conflicts Relationship issues Staying focused/motivated Substance abuse Depression and anxiety Grief and loss Balancing School/Life: Child Care Referrals Elder Care Referrals Legal Consultation Financial Consultation Tools For Daily Living SOAR is available to help with any concern or problem affecting behavioral health, well-being, and academic performance. SOAR is for emotional & life issues. ANTHEM school resources should be utilized for academic performance issues related to tutoring, learning disabilities, study skills, etc.

5 How Does the Program Work? SOAR is a short-term approach for assessment, referral, and/or problem resolution. Telephonic Counseling Students and family members can speak to mental health professionals about personal or school-related problems or concerns. The provider will work with the students and their families to find a solution that meets their needs. A simple phone call or email starts the process 800-932-0034 More information is also available at FREE!

6 Balancing School/Life Child Care Referrals Elder Care Referrals Legal Consultation Financial Consultation Tools For Daily Living Juggling school, family, work, and life – all at the same time? The SOAR Program can help with:

7 ChildCare Referrals Referrals for preschool, after school, and daycare Special needs Summer camps Background and security check referrals And much more!

8 Eldercare Referrals Referral for nursing and home health care Adult day care and support groups Transportation and meal sources Emergency and respite care Companionship programs And more!

9 Legal & Financial Consultation Financial Issues: Budgeting Debt/Credit problems Financial planning Tax consultation Investments Personal finances And more! Legal Issues: Landlord/Tenant Issues Divorce/Separation Custody/Child Support Wills & Trusts Estate planning Document assistance And more! The SOAR Program includes consultation with an Attorney or Financial Planner regarding most issues

10 Tools for Daily Living School Assistance – Computers, Time Management Tips, Support Car Rentals & Repairs Job Search Assistance Housing – Emergency and Low Cost Entertainment Personal Safety Reservations & Tickets Transportation & Travel And much more!

11 24/7 Helpline The SOAR Helpline is available 24/7 for urgent matters Medically trained answering service available for after-hours calls. On call counselors are available. This is not an Emergency Number. Call 911 if there is an emergency.

12 All Family Members We mean ALL family members. Living with you or not. In the same state or not. ALL WELCOME! Grandparents Spouses Siblings Kids

13 Multilingual Counselors & 100% Confidential Over 150 languages covered! Multilingual Counselors Culturally Sensitive Special Interests Addressed

14 In Summary Anthem College Online is invested in students’ success, and provides this program to students of all campuses and their family members so that they can overcome personal and school related problems and stay focused on academic success.

15 Easy to Reach Us Confidential help at your fingertips… A simple phone call or email starts the process: (800) 932-0034

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