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The Survival of Black Death

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1 The Survival of Black Death

2 In 1345, you were one of the richest sellers in London
In 1345, you were one of the richest sellers in London. You sell vegetables, fruits, and rice. You let people borrow money for 1 month, and if they don't give it back you increase the tax but no one misses the due date because everyone respects you. You own 3 farms near the market that help you get money everyday. A few months later after you buy the fourth farm, you hear news about black death. The plague hits half of Asia and you know that it's going to hit Europe and London soon. The Black plague is very dangerous because it makes you have black dots all over your body and makes you feel so tired and even makes you want like you want to died, and then you'll really died. That evening, many people come to you and ask for money to survive during the black plague. Because so many people asked you, you choose to give your money to everyone, just a little. Everyone in the market is now happy except you because you don't know what to do about the black plague yet. Because you are rich you're able to buy a ship and go to another country to survive, so you get to choose if you want (1a)Try to go to another country in other continents or (1b)Stay in London in your farm, protecting your money. But both ways can have a chance of surviving.

3 While you're packing up and getting ready you look outside the window and see your best friend Tiffany. She is so sad that you are leaving all your friends behind and even your great future of your farm. So you tell Tiffany to go with you and start a new life in another country, but the thing is, is that you don't know where to go yet. So you ask some of your friends who are going with you and they say that they are going to some countries in North Asia and that they will go somewhere else later. So you choose to go to Russia because you think the plague wouldn't reach there that fast, even though it's in Asia and Asia is a large country and it's all through Asia. The next morning you are walking to the ship. On the ship there are so many people and some people are from other countries, on their way to another country. Some people seem to be very tired and some people seem to be excited but one person was seeming like he was sick. You step into the ship and look around, all the people seem to be friendly to you, no one look dangerous or angry. You accidentally trip over some broken wood on the ship and fall down to the ground. One boy walks to you with happiness then he helps you up and he asks you so many questions. Then he tells you that the guy that is coughing so hard was sick for more than a week, he might be very sick but no one on the ship really knows what the black plague is. When you have been on the ship for already 1 month, you start to enjoy living on the ship with your new friend, but you also start noticing that more people are getting sick. Most of the people that were sick are getting better . You are friends with the captain and he told you to get out of the ship as soon as you reach the up coming country, which is Norway, because he is going to switch with a captain in Norway. You get to choose if you want to keep going until you reach Russia (3a) or Stop at Norway and find somewhere to survive(3b).

4 In the following day you tell your friends in the market that you are not leaving London but most of your rich friends are leaving. Luckily some of you rich friends didn't make any decision yet so you tell them to stay with you and they agree. That night you heard some one coughing and you can't sleep. The next morning, you wake up late because you couldn't sleep last night. You ask your best friend Tiffany if she heard someone coughing so hard last night. While you were talking with Tiffany, you see a girl crying and asking for help with black dots on her arm and all over her body. You and Tiffany know that girl her name was Mary she is the daughter of the cleaner at the church. You and Tiffany was so scare that the Mary had black plague because on her body was full of black dots that smell bad, you were too scare to walk near her because you were scare to get the black disease from her. No one dare to walk near Mary. Mary was trying to walk to you but she was too tired and suddenly she fall down on to the ground. You were thinking inside your mind that you should go and help Mary or let her died there. Then there was a tall guy and you're about his shoulder he was wearing white suit like a doctor, he quickly ran to Mary and pick her up so you and Tiffany now feel better. The doctor's name was Dr. John he was trying to help everyone that got the black plague he was asking some people that where are Mary parents so you went to Dr. John and tell him that you’re Mary friend but you don't know where is her parents. You and Dr. John had a very long conversation until her ask you about leaving the country. He want you to leave the country with him and go to help people in other country with him. You gets to choose if you want to go with Dr. John to other country and other city in Europe or out of Europe (3C) or still stay in London with your house(3d)

5 Keep Going You tell the captain that you will keep on going to Russia. So while you're on your way to Russia more and more people start to feel sick. The first person who dies in the following day, it was that guy that had black dots on his body and was bleeding. The new captain said that he had the Black Death. You were surprise to hear that, and you know that you will die soon because the black death spreads very fast. You don't reach Russia yet and 9 more people die, you start to feel sick and tired. Unluckily the doctor on the ship also dies in the next day October 9th you have died of the black death and everyone on the ship dies and no one would want to survive with the pain. You don't survive.

6 Stop at Norway You tell captain that you will go with him to Norway, so a few days later you see Norway for the first time . So many people were waiting to go to another country to escape the black death, but they didn't know that on the ship there was already the black plague. But you just escaped from those people. You ask the captain where he's going, he said that he is going to his friend's house about 50 km away from here. So you choose to go with him. The house was not big but it was perfect for 6 people. You live there with captain friend family and they were very nice to you. A fill years later you still survive and luckily the black death didn't hits the city where you live in. You live there happily ever after. You SURVIVE

7 Go with Dr. John The next day you and Tiffany pack up and go to other city with Dr. John. While traveling many people were sick through the way so you were scare that you might get the black plague so you keep telling Dr. John to move out of that place You went almost every where around Europe in 2 years, you traveled with Tiffany and Dr. John every where and luckily you didn't felt sick or tired at all because you make the right decision at the first time. You SURVIVE

8 Stay in London You still stay in London but not for a long time because the black plague reaches London in the following week, then it reaches you. You start getting so tired and sick then your body started to cover with black dots that start to hurt you so much. So you don't want to try and died in the following day. You don't SURVIVE

9 The End Thank You For Reading

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