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Roleplaying. Grandma & Money You are 25. You want to borrow 360,000 kuai from your rich grandmother to start a business. You have not seen her in 3 years.

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1 Roleplaying

2 Grandma & Money You are 25. You want to borrow 360,000 kuai from your rich grandmother to start a business. You have not seen her in 3 years. You already quit your job. You are a grandmother. You are rich and hate loaning money. Your grandson who never calls you, sees you, is asking for money.

3 Cats & Dogs You are going on vacation for 10 days. You have 3 cats. Your mom usually takes care of your cats but she is in the hospital. You have no one else to ask. You go next door to ask your neighbor for help. You have no other choice You hate cats. Your neighbor has three cats. You hate the way the smell, you hate the hair. You hate being anywhere near cats. Your neighbor is often rude to you and causes you problems.

4 The bum friend You have a nice friend. He lost his job and needs a place to stay. You let him sleep on your couch while he finds a new job. 2 months go by and he is still living on your couch. It is time for him to leave. Your girlfriend wants him to leave. You recently lost your job unfairly. You are in debt and can’t afford to move out. You have no where to go. You have a really good friend who let you stay at their home. In return you cook and clean the apartment. You have a new job starting in 2 weeks. You need to stay for 3 more weeks before you can afford to leave.

5 The party You are having a party this weekend. You want to ask your friends from class. You don’t have a lot of friends so it is import that you get as many friends as possible to come. Your classmate is asking you to come to a party. You don’t like him. You don’t want to go.

6 The pet You accidentally killed your neighbors dog with your car. You are a new driver. You love your dog. After your wife died you had no one to love. Your whole life is about your dog. You love your dog like you love a child.

7 HR You want to rent a new apartment. You need a loan from the bank. But you don’t make enough money. You want to go ask HR for fake paperwork that says you make more money than you do so you can get a bigger loan from the bank. You run the HR department. You believe in honesty and rules. You would never give fake documents or lie to the government.

8 Wife Strife You lost your wedding ring. You wife thinks that you are irresponsible and don’t love her. Try to explain to her how you lost the ring. The problem is that you have no idea how you lost your ring. Your husband is a silly man. He often doesn’t show his love for you. He can never remember anything. It is difficult to trust him with anything important.

9 Sister Your sister is dating a terrible guy. She loves him, but you know he is stealing money from her. Try to talk to your sister about the boy. You have a new boyfriend. He has a bad history, he was arrested once for stealing. He often is blamed for things he hasn’t done. He is normally a good guy. You think you could marry this boy.

10 The Teenager Teenager You want to go out to a party. All of your friends are going. You think you will be home by midnight. You can always do your homework on Saturday. You don’t have a lot of homework. Mom/Dad It is Friday night The teenager has homework to do You don’t like your teenager’s friends You are not sure if it is a good idea to let them go to the party

11 Salaries Worker You have worked for the company for 3 years You are a model worker You come early every day You never miss work You work hard You want a 15% pay raise because it has been 2 years since you got a pay raise Boss Your company is not doing well financially You can’t afford a 15% pay raise You could afford a 5% pay raise You don’t want to give a pay raise to one person, because then EVERYONE will want a 5% pay raise.

12 House sitting Home owner You went on holiday for 2 weeks You paid your friend 200 kuai to take care of your home and water your plants. You are worried because your friend often forgets things. You are worried he might of left your apartment unlocked. Friend You were in charge of taking care of your friend’s home. While they were on vacation, someone broke into the apartment and robbed the house. They stole the TV, computers, and many valuable things. Find a way to tell them the bad news.

13 Compare Seller You are trying to sell an office. (this room) You must try to make the buyer want it. Buyer You need a new office. But you are not sure if the new office is big enough or nice enough.

14 Meet a famous person Hu Jin Tao You want America to buy more Chinese goods You need America to buy more stuff to help your economy You know Chinese businesses copy American products to make money. This is important to growing Chinese economy Obama You don’t want to buy more Chinese goods You are tired of Chinese businesses stealing American products Chinese copies hurt American business You don’t want to buy any more goods until China stops copying products

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