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College Student Success Based on the advice of Buffalo State’s Orientation Leaders.

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1 College Student Success Based on the advice of Buffalo State’s Orientation Leaders

2 Respectful Classroom Behavior Be on time Cell phones SILENT. Vibrate is still irritating. Participate in class – answer questions and ask questions Ask RELEVANT questions Be an active participant/student in class, but not too active. Bring books, notebooks, pen, and pencil to class Read and prepare for class

3 Disrespectful Behaviors Texting Talking (side conversations & whispering) Clicking or tapping a pen Falling asleep in general (specifically in the first row) Asking questions that were just asked (and answered) Extraneous noise (squeaks, crinkles, iPod, coughs, etc.) Talking over the teacher – please raise your hand Answering your cell phone when in class Frequent trips to the bathroom and/or out of the room Eating food LOUDLY (crunchy foods, crinkly packaging) Correcting faculty member and being arrogant

4 Being Successful Bring your planner and manage your time – Write key dates and assignments in your calendar Keep your syllabus the ENTIRE semester Make friends in class Sit in the “T” zone – First two rows, in center of room Dress up the first day – No pajamas, no hats, take off your sunglasses Be cautious about what you say – You don’t know others’ experiences Be open-minded Arrive early for a test

5 Get to Know the Professor Know prof’s name, use correct title (Dr. vs not), and learn what each prof prefers to be called (Dr. Julia vs Dr. Smith) Communicate professionally—no slang please – Introduce yourself – Use good manners. Say please and thank you. – Communicate via e-mail If you’re using your laptop (or a recording device) to take notes, ask the professor ahead of time Seek out your professors. Don’t wait for them to seek you out. Find a faculty mentor. Research with them. Have Disability Services tell your professor about accommodations AHEAD OF TIME Use office hours. Ask for help. See instructor as more than just a professor

6 Tips for Surviving a Lecture Hall Go to class regularly. It’s easy to skip in a class of 200—go anyway! Know where you are going ahead of time. Find the actual classrooms. Get there early. Know your own strengths and weaknesses – If you’re not a morning person, avoid morning classes Buy and read the books! Prepare for class Take notes Speak up. Participate. – Don’t assume you’re just a number

7 Other OL Comments Know the Library / Information Commons – Check out books in library if you can’t buy them Diversify your class load See your adviser Pick a professor based on your learning style – Use Drop-Add week if necessary Don’t procrastinate—turn things in on time If you’re SUPER sick, don’t go to class

8 The College Writing Program (CWP) All students must satisfy the SUNY Basic Written and Oral Communication requirement. At Buffalo State this requirement is satisfied through successful completion of CWP 101 and CWP 102 or their equivalents. If you have any questions about CWP courses, placement, tutoring services, etc: Check the CWP website at: Call the CWP office at: 716-878-5451 Email Dr. Michele Ninacs, Director of the College Writing Program at:

9 The College Writing Program (CWP) The Buffalo State common writing handbook is A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. The handbook is customized for Buffalo State and is available only through the campus bookstore. This is a required text for all CWP courses!

10 The Buffalo State Common Reading This year’s common reading is “I Stand Here Writing” by Nancy Sommers. The essay is in the common handbook, A Writer’s Reference. All students in CWP 099, 101, and 102 courses will read, discuss, and write about this essay.

11 The Writing Help Center What: The Writing Help Center in Butler Library offers a free mentoring service to assist students throughout all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and other writing needs or questions. Where: Butler Library room 157B, just before the main atrium area. When: Monday-Thursday 12-5 and 6-9 and Sunday 2-5. No appointment needed!

12 Some Truths About College You get the opportunity to monitor your studying and preparation independently Take responsibility for your own learning Teachers and parents won’t be looking over your shoulder and reminding you about your homework There is much less structure There is much more freedom, but also more temptation You must be self-disciplined Different professors are VERY different and have different expectations. – An important skill of the college student is to figure out what your professor is expecting from you.

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