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2 THE VERB ir Ir means to go Ir is an irregular verb

3 THE VERB ir Voy Vas Va Vamos Van

4 THE VERB ir Ir is used with the preposition a, which means at or to
If the place one is going to is masculine and singular, change a + el to the contraction al.

5 THE VERB ir Examples: Voy al cine. I am going to the movie theater.
Vamos a la escuela. We are going to school. Ellas van a los museos. They are going to the museums. Tú vas a las tiendas. You are going to the stores.

6 THE VERB ir Ir can also be used to express what someone is going to do in the near future. Use the formula: Ir + a + infinitive

7 THE VERB ir Examples: Voy a bailar esta noche. I am going to dance tonight. Vas a comer pizza. You are going to eat pizza. Ellos van a vivir en Londres. They are going to live in London.

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