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2 IR + A + Infinitive IR + A + infinitive = to be going to 2

3 IR + A + Infinitive Unlike -AR verbs, forms of IR have no accents.
This is an irregular verb and its forms must be memorized.

4 IR + A + Infinitive Yo voy a Tú vas a Ud. va a Él va a Ella va a
Nos. vamos a Vos. vais a Uds. van a Ellos van a Ellas van a

5 IR + A + Infinitive I am going to You are going to He is going to
She is going to We are going to You all are going to They are going to

6 IR + A + Infinitive EJEMPLOS: I am going to play football
You are going to go camping. Mi hermana va a nadar. Ellos van a ir a la escuela. Vosotros vais a montar en bicicletas.

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