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Plan for Success Program (P4S) Students admitted by exception.

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1 Plan for Success Program (P4S) Students admitted by exception

2 Introductions Mike Lynch – Associate Vice President for Student Life John Kulikowski – Academic Counselor Andrea Lo – Academic Counselor

3 Current Admission Requirements 21+ on the ACT or top 1/3 of graduating class or Completed all 13 credits of the pre-college curriculum with a 2.0+ GPA (2.5+ out of state) (Set out by Kansas Board of Regents; will change with 2015 summer term enrollment)

4 Admission by exception Up to 10% of the incoming class KS Legislature passed a law requiring an “individual plan for success” for each student admitted by exception

5 Primary Goals Increase retention from freshman year to sophomore year Increase student GPA

6 Our 2013 fall students Est. 125 students, but could be as many as 250 ACT range 14-20, average 18.8 (71 of these students have no ACT in our records) Core credits earned range 10-13, average 11.9 Core GPA range 1.53-3.86, average 2.77

7 Our program Mandatory for these students to enroll at KSU Intrusive advising Students must sign a learning contract, noncompliance can lead to dismissal from KSU Enrolled in Arts & Sciences, Open Option Sign up for Undergraduate Experience course & 2 companion courses 2 semester program

8 Learning Contract Meet with Academic Counselor every other week (switches to every third week second semester for successful students) Students enroll in no more than 12 credits first semester. – Students who show academic success may enroll in up to 15 credits second semester with approval of Academic Counselor Must attend all classes, meetings with counselor, scheduled tutoring sessions, etc.

9 Learning Contract text

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