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A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT APPROACH TO CLASSIFIEDS. Our approach is different. Our experience in online communities allows us to think differently. We are.

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2 Our approach is different. Our experience in online communities allows us to think differently. We are not trying to duplicate your print business online. We help newspapers re-invent their businesses for the Web Our technology is better than our competition’s Kaango is a syndicated platform, not a software package. We are an industry partner, not a vendor LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE SEEN BEFORE IN THIS INDUSTRY

3 ONE MISSION. ONE PLATFORM. One solution that meets all of your classifieds needs

4 >Liners >Display Ads >Web-Only Ads All in one database and all searchable from one interface. CLEAN, INTEGRATED DISPLAY WITH MAPPING

5 -Generate more money at less cost from call center customers. - WE up-sell the customer at no charge the moment their ad is published online GENERATE MORE INCOME FROM PRINT SALES Advertiser gets email notice with central online account at Kaango and free up- sells to get him into the upgrade process Print ad gets imported into Kaango Print ad sold from call center Print-2-Web

6 INTEGRATED WEB-2-PRINT -Offer print as an up-sell - Price print from the Web differently from your call center pricing - Give advertisers a single point of sale - Relieve call center burden - Import into your front-end system with XML output - No per-ad charges Native web-2-print ties it all together

7 THE END OF HOBBLED ONLINE LISTINGS Detailed fielded data to create robust ads Most fields are optional, yet often used by advertisers Full-featured ads display higher in searches and appear more complete and trustworthy than strictly paragraph-based ads. Industry-Leading Web-2-Web

8 POINT OF SALE UPGRADES - Up-sells at checkout - If you don’t see an up-sell, create it on the fly – no programming needed. - You set the free photos by category - You set the default ad duration by category - You set all pricing through our easy-to-use Web console Point of sale profit

9 PROFESSIONAL-GRADE ADS FOR EVERYONE -Professional ad layout every time - Integrated maps - Tabbed ad content helps shoppers quickly understand the ad - Shopper control panel to take action - Advertiser history and ratings on every ad - Photo slide array Power Ads

10 SAFE AND PRIVATE RESPONSE TOOLS -Integrated response tools - Shopper and advertiser privacy is ensured - Offer and acceptance on merchandise and pet ads - Question forms allow the advertiser to publish answers to the ad display - Full audit of communications on every listing (assuming use of our system) Power tools

11 CENTRAL AD MANAGEMENT Advertisers get a suite of easy-to-use tools to administer ads, offers, questions and more. Central ad management

12 INTEGRATED COMMUNITY DISCUSSIONS -Category-related discussion boards enable market users to communicate with each other - Discussions are moderated - Newspapers can sell “expert” status in the forums. Experts are designated with a star icon. - Discussions are geo- targeted Community

13 USERS SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT YOUR MARKET - AJAX–based “tell a friend” functionality helps spread the word about items in your market - Flood controls prevent spamming. Referrals


15 CREATE YOUR OWN LOOK AND FEEL. You control the design from a Web console.

16 BEST-IN-CLASS PRICING TOOLS – REACT INSTANTLY Pricing is infinitely flexible by category and by advertiser type.

17 BEST-IN-CLASS PRICING TOOLS – REACT INSTANTLY Create unlimited bundles and ad coupon activation options Create unlimited bundles in any category Set automatic expiration and price Create coupon code triggers for your bundle Select which attributes are included

18 SELF-SERVE MARKETING & SALES TOOLS Sell pre-paid market credits any time! Issue credits to any user in any amount Give more credit than money collected System tracks who authorized credits Engages advertisers who get “run of store” ability to post ads until their credits run out (after which they are charged)

19 SELF-SERVE MARKETING & SALES TOOLS Invent your own up-sells on the fly. Fulfill with our self-serve export creation tool.

20 SELF-SERVE MARKETING & SALES TOOLS Create custom widgets for instant placement on any Web page.

21 POWERFUL SELF-SERVE MANAGEMENT TOOLS - Self-serve setup and management panel gives you fingertip control over your site 24-7. - Change the categories that display on your site. - Set up vertical market partners within our framework for seamless transitions from your market to your listings on partner sites. - Customize the look and feel anytime. U-Customize

22 POWERFUL SELF-SERVE MANAGEMENT TOOLS - Self-serve import tools show you everything you need to know about your liner imports into our system. - Staff members can trigger imports as they please. U-Publish

23 POWERFUL SELF-SERVE MANAGEMENT TOOLS -Your administrators and call center personnel have Web access to any of your ads in our system. - Virtually every aspect of the ad may be modified from the admin panel. - Administrators can even upload images and designated the primary image in the ad display. U-Control

24 POWERFUL SELF-SERVE MANAGEMENT TOOLS -Activity summaries that let you see how your market is performing any time of the day. - Detailed reports show you where activity is occurring in the market. - Export your reports in CSV format for further use. Tracking

25 THE POWER IS IN THE NETWORK Kaango Network MediaNews Group GannettScrippsHearst Media General Freedom More than 100 papers & television stations from these groups have joined the Kaango network.

26 CALL 303.339.3838 TO SET UP A DEMONSTRATION Let us give you a 1 hr demo We will walk you through the features We will provide you with pricing Setup your site on our live servers Launch your site within 30 days

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