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ELC 347 project management Day 9. 3-2 Agenda Questions Assignment 3 graded –3 A’s, 5 B’s, 2 C’s, 1 D, 2 F’s and 2 answered the wrong questions Assignment.

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1 ELC 347 project management Day 9

2 3-2 Agenda Questions Assignment 3 graded –3 A’s, 5 B’s, 2 C’s, 1 D, 2 F’s and 2 answered the wrong questions Assignment 4 posted –Answer Case questions posted in blackboard –Due October 7 @ 12:35 PM Quiz 1 October 7 Chapter 1-5 M/C & essay questions Integrative Project Part 1 in and I have started reading feedback will be posted soon Looking at part 2 on page 162 & 163 Part two will be due on October 18 Scope Management Using MS project

3 Scope Management Chapter 5

4 Project Scope Project scope is everything about a project – work content as well as expected outcomes. Scope management is the function of controlling a project in terms of its goals and objectives and consists of: 1) Conceptual development4) Scope reporting 2) Scope statement5) Control systems 3) Work authorization6) Project closeout

5 Conceptual Development The process that addresses project objectives by finding the best ways to meet them. Key steps in information development: 1. Problem/need statement 2. Information gathering 3. Constraints 4. Alternative analysis 5. Project objectives

6 Problem Statements Successful conceptual development requires: Reduction of overall project complexity Goals and objects are clearly stated – Reference points are provided Complete understanding of the problem You cannot solve a problem till you UNDERSTAND the problem

7 Statement of Work (SOW) A SOW is a detailed narrative description of the work required for a project. Effective SOWs contain 1.Introduction and background 2.Technical description 1.The more specific the better 3.Timeline and milestones 1.Anticipated (hoped-for) 4.Client expectations 1.What constitutes a project well done

8 The Scope Statement Process 1.Establish the project goal criteria (deliverables) a)cost b)schedule c)performance d)deliverables e)review gates 2.Develop the management plan for the project 3.Establish a work breakdown structure 4.Create a scope baseline

9 Work Breakdown Structure a process that sets a project’s scope by breaking down its overall mission into a cohesive set of synchronous, increasingly specific tasks. What does WBS accomplish?  Echoes project objectives  Offers a logical structure  Establishes a method of control  Communicates project status  Improved communication  Demonstrates control structure

10 Example WBS Making a PBJ –Gather materials Get 2 slices of bread Get peanut butter Get jelly Get butter knife –Assembly Using knife spread 1/8” layer of peanut butter on one side of one slice of bread Using knife spread 1/8” layer of peanut jelly on one side of the other slice of bread Place two slices of bread together with peanut butter in contact with jelly –Consumption Bite off a chunk of PBJ Chew Swallow

11 WBS and goals

12 Example WBS

13 Work Breakdown Structure and Codes Work Packages are individual project activities 1.0 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3 1.3.1 1.3.2 Deliverables are major project components Subdeliverables are supporting deliverables The project is the overall project under development

14 Examples

15 Sample WBS in MS Project

16 Work Packages Lowest level in WBS X.X.X.X Deliverable result One owner Miniature projects Milestones Fits organization Trackable See figure 5.6 on page 146 of text

17 Organizational Breakdown Structure Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) allows Work definition Owner assignment of work packages Budget assignment to departments OBS links cost, activity & responsibility

18 Intersection of WBS and OBS

19 Cost account rollup

20 Responsibility Assignment Matrix Notification Responsible Support Approval LEAD PROJECT PERSONNEL Bob IS DaveSue HR Ann R&D Jim R&D Task & CodeDeliverable IS Match IT to Org. Tasks proposal Prepare 1.3 1.1 Identify IS user needs 1.2 Problem Analysis Develop info Interview users show Develop Gain user “buy in” Find cost/ benefit info 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3 1.3.1

21 Work Authorization The formal “go ahead” to begin work Follows the scope management steps of: 1.scope definition 2.planning documents plans 4.contractual documents

22 Contractual Documentation Most contracts contain: Requirements Valid consideration Contracted terms Contracts range from: Lump SumCost Plus also called “Turnkey”

23 Scope Reporting determines what types of information reported, who receives copies, when, and how information is acquired and disseminated. Typical project reports may contain 1.Cost status 2.Schedule status 3.Technical performance

24 Types of Control Systems oConfiguration oDesign oTrend monitoring oDocument oAcquisition oSpecification


26 Project Closeout The job is not over until the paperwork is done… Closeout documentation is used to: Resolve contractual disputes Train project managers Facilitate auditing Closeout documentation includes: Historical records Post project analysis Financial closeout

27 Using MS project 2007 Many of the required functions/reports in Project management are part of MS project 2007 –Industry wide acceptance Do not use Wizard till you are comfortable with MS project File ->New Enter Project and all –Deliverables –Sub deliverables –Work packages Indent using arrows to show decomposition –TemplateTemplate –Actual projectActual project More on MS Project as we progress through course

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