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Project Management An Overview John Mulhall MIICM; LIB International Credit & Process Management Professional.

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1 Project Management An Overview John Mulhall MIICM; LIB International Credit & Process Management Professional

2 What is project management “A project is known as a sequence of connected activities, conducted in an organized manner, undertaken in a defined period of time and designed to generate a well-defined result” (Vicar A., 2013, Studies in Business & Economics, 8/2, P137-144) It is the means; To define goals and objectives and achieve them in a cost effective and streamlined manner To deliver objectives within agreed cost, timeline and quality perimeters To harness the internal power of horizontal management and functional workflows To make the organisation over time more reactive, timely and flexible then its “vertical silo” only peers when dealing with dynamic market forces.

3 Project Management.. The main players… The Sponsor – The person setting goals and objectives, approving and funding the project The Project Manager – The person responsible for delivering a quality project management process in line with the project responsibilities delegated to him or her by the sponsor The Project Engineer – A specialist whom has specific content and process knowledge pertaining to the project process and the specialised or technical components contained therein The Stakeholder – Any party directly or indirectly affected by the projects content, process or delivery therein Project Management Office (PMO) – The office or function normally in large organizations where all defined projects are managed from. They are normally reporting to a senior level person in the organisation and have their own operational budget

4 The Main Terminology… Formal Project – Managed as a project with its own budget and defined process Informal Project – Managed functionally without a budget and non descript process Project Proposal – A structured request for a project Project Scope – The range of allowable goals, objectives and authorities assigned to a project and its team in the project process Project Plan – The document detailing the process for execution of the project Project Deliverables – A set of deliverable goals originating within the project plan along the timeline range Project Milestones – Normally an end of phase evaluation of project that details results against deliverables and quality control actions set out in the project plan Waterfall Projects – Project phases that CANT progress to the next phase until a phase is complete AGILE Projects – Project phases that CAN progress to the next phase even if the prior phase is not complete Work Breakdown Structure – A graphical representation of all the major work elements in the project and how they are streamed in accordance with the project plan. Also known as a “WBS”.

5 The Proposal – Main Elements.. The Statement of needs, wants and desires in relation to the project outcome A statement of the current problem that has triggered the need for the project The main areas to be affected by the project The financial feasibility of the project (including Risk Assessment) The objectives of the project The methods to be used in the project (Agile, Waterfall, etc) Evaluation of the projects success/outcome Budget required Conclusions

6 The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Project X Communications Business Owner Meetings Functional Workshops Functional requirements study Scope Analysis Project Staff Scheduling (Gantt Chart) Internal & External Project Communications Risk Management & Control Reporting Feasibility Study Risk Assessment Matrix Cost Analysis Proposal V Actual Risk Management Structures In Project Milestone Reporting Structures System Build Key Module Definition & Coding Quality Assurance Testing Module Import & sequencing Functional Area Testing & Completion Scope Review/ Milestone Reporting Development Milestone Review/ Lessons Learned System Development Coding review and functional import Quality Assurance testing and functional Review Additional Coding Module Development System Review & functionality Test Development/ User Changes Mapping Implementation Review Development Milestone Review/ Lessons Learned System Deployment Country Deployment Schedule Beta Testing & System Documentation User Training Functionality Testing & Country Sign Off / UAT Localizations Review Development Milestone Review/ Lessons Learned Post Deployment Testing/Close Deployment Effectiveness Review Scope & Milestone Reconciliation User Site Support Change Control / Augmentation Process User (Remote) support Accounting/Project Close Lessons Learned Report

7 The Project Process – Main Areas.. Project Proposal & Scope to be approved Project Plan & Work Breakout Schedule (WBS) to be approved and initiated Project Scheduling to be completed and support structures like project reporting and auditing processes set up Project phases initiated and managed to milestone completion within project plan perimeters Project milestones to evaluate progress (or closeout) to next phases to completion Project deliverables confirmed complete and project close process initiated Project closure

8 So with Project Management remember.. Formal has a defined process, informal does not Formal gets going at a slower rate (large, complex, costly and multi functional) and informal gets started very quickly but has little support in terms of budget and resources (small, quick, within existing functional resource capabilities) Projects are good for companies that wish to be more responsive to dynamic market forces and influence industries where this is necessary for survival (ICT/Construction/Engineering) Projects are great places to gain experience as you reach beyond your own functional area and become more knowledgeable as a professional

9 Thank you for your time

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