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Hoist Lifting it Right.

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1 Hoist Lifting it Right

2 Before you go any farther here are some SAFETY TIPS
Inspect you lift daily. Never operate if it malfunctions or if it has broken or damage parts. Operating controls are designed to close when released. Do not block open or override them. Never over load your lift. Capacity should be shown on the nameplate affixed to the lift.

3 Continuing….. Position of vehicle and operation of the lift should be done only by trained or authorized personnel. Never raise vehicle with anyone inside. Always keep lift area free of obstructions, grease, oil, trash, and other debris.

4 Continuing….. Before driving on a lift, position arms and supports to provide unobstructed clearance. Load vehicle on lift carefully. Position lift supports to contact at the vehicle manufacturers recommended lifting points. Raise lift until supports contact vehicle.

5 Continuing…. CAUTION: If you are working under the vehicle make sure you raise the lift high enough so that the lift locks. Before lowering the lift make sure that any tools are out of the way. Be sure to release locking devise before attempting to lower lift.

6 Continuing…. Before removing vehicle from lift area, position lift arms and supports to provide an unobstructed exit. Now that you know this steps everything should go well for you and your lift.

7 Vehicle hoists Car must be centered by where the weight is..

8 Lift pads The lift pads must all be screwed in or out so that they contact the car at the same time

9 Correct lift points

10 Some types of lifts This is a short rise lift.
The short rise lift may be powered by an electric hydraulic power unit or by compressed air. The primary use for this lift is for tire and brake service and auto body repair.

11 Surface-mounted lifts
This is the most popular surface-mounted lift is the two-column lift. The lift arms of this ride up each column and are usually synchronized in one of several ways: steel roller chain, cable assemblies, hydraulic circuits, or by synchronized motors. Lifting power is supplied by a hydraulic pump and cylinder(s), sometimes using leaf-chain or cable systems.

12 Surface-mounted lifts
Above ground lifts can be of two styles. One is called Asymmetrical were the front arm is shorter and the rear arm is longer. This allows for a better door openings. A Symmetrical lift has the arms the same length. 2 post frame engaging lift

13 Parallelogram-style Like other drive-on lifts, this hoist lifts the vehicle with two runways. This unit, however, uses a lifting mechanism that moves the vehicle a short distance fore or aft when lifting or lowering, depending upon the way the lift is mounted. When in use watch for vehicle overhang.

14 Scissor lifts Scissor lifts are designed to maximize your available floor space, increasing your ability to add more service bays to your shop as well as give you more room to move around transmission jacks, oil drains and other shop equipment. Scissor lifts give you 100% accessibility to the repair vehicle for full under-car service.                                                                                                                                                           

15 Scissor lifts This is a fixed pad Scissor lift.
                                                                                                                                                           This is a drive on Scissor lift.

16 Four post lift This lift is the primary lift of many muffler, oil change, and transmission shops and those shops that perform wheel alignment. This allows the vehicle to be driven onto to runways and exposing the underside of the vehicle.

17 In Ground lifts In ground lifts are usually driven over then the arms swing out to the best place to lift the car. Single post Dual post

18 Rocker Panel lift Rocker panel lifts are used on passenger cars with unibody construction and perimeter frames, but they are not recommended for pickups trucks or vans. Rocker panel lifts use padded rubber supports that adjust to different body widths and wheel bases.

19 Moveable-type Wheel-Engaging lift
This lift is used primarily with longer, more unconventional vehicles like transit buses. Each of the independent lifting columns is mobile and contains an electric power unit interconnected with the other columns. A master control unit synchronizes the lifts so that they operate in unison.

20 The End By R. C. Thanks to the Automotive Lift Institute
Western Hoist & Rotary for Pictures and safety tips.

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