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2 LIFTING EQUIPMENT Frame contact hoist Alignment rack and hoist
Floor jacks Engine hoist Transmission jack

3 Frame Contact Hoist Hydraulic-pneumatic device for lifting almost any vehicle. Has an 8,000 lbs. Capacity. Can be used with full frame, unibody or space frame vehicles.

4 Frame Contact Hoist Controls
Metal lever controls air pressure in and out. Green level controls oil and raises or lowers vehicle.

5 Alignment Rack Used for alignment or as a general purpose hoist.
Hydraulically operated it has an 8,000 lbs. Capacity. Can lift most any vehicle that fits.

6 Alignment Rack Controls
Electrically operated by a simple up and down switch. You must release the safety catch to let vehicle down.

7 Floor Jacks Hydraulically operated. Good for lifting one wheel.
Always use a axle safety stand if you are going under the vehicle.

8 Using the Floor Jack Use on the side of the car.
In back of the front wheel. In front of the back wheel. Use a jack stand also if you are going under the car!

9 Transmission Jack Used to remove transmissions primarily but is also used to remove fuel tanks and other under car repairs.

10 Engine Hoist It’s the only way to easily move very heavy engines around.


12 AIR SUPPLY LOCATIONS Seven locations in various places in the shop.
Three on south wall. Three on north wall. One on edge of cage near pedestal grinder.

13 Compressed Air Tools Air blow gun Inflation chuck Air drill
Air ratchet Impact wrench Air chisel Grease gun Tire Machines

14 Air Blow Gun Used for cleaning parts primarily.
Need to use caution while using. Always point the gun down. Never point the gun toward anyone.

15 Inflation Chuck Used to inflate tires. Has a built-in gauge.

16 Air Drill Same as an electric drill but pneumatically operated.

17 Air Ratchet Like a hand ratchet but faster.
Not a high torque tool, you must put the final torque on by hand.

18 Impact Wrench Hardest working tool in the shop!
Has a hammer unit to apply high amounts of torque – be careful. Always use impact sockets. Used primarily on lug nuts but has other uses.

19 Air Chisel or Air Hammer
Air pressure does the hammering for you. Great set, has many different uses.

20 Other Pneumatic Equipment
Grease gun. Tire machines. Immersion cleaner.

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