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MY FUTURE CAREER By Lupita Montoya.

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1 MY FUTURE CAREER By Lupita Montoya

2 My Goals & Interests Goals: Finish high school Go to college Becoming a pediatrician Being successful in life Interests: Helping other people in any way I can Children Playing soccer Mathematics My name is Lupita Montoya, my career of interest is pediatrician. I chose this career because I like children and I love to help others. I am currently a 9th grader and I’m going to work hard so I can be a freshman again, but this time in college.

3 My Occupation of Interest
Nature of Work: Pediatricians treat the physical, emotional, and social health of children from birth to 21 years, most or their work involve treating day-to-day illness-minor injuries, infectious diseases, and immunizations that are common to children. Workplace Examples: Always work in indoors, like in hospitals, medical centers, ect. They may travel a lot like for meetings, emergencies, and stuff related to that.

4 Education & Training Required
Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D Complete a bachelor’s degree A Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.M) degree Graduate form medical school Complete an internship Pass a state licensing exam Complete a residency program in pediatrics Pass additional exams to become a board certified Have strong interpersonal skills Be motivated

5 Job Outlook & Earnings Job Outlook: Job Outlook In Georgia:
The outlook on this job varies slightly with the national birth rates. There are some decades when more children are born. For the 10 or 15 years children have to see pediatricians for their medical needs. Thus, even if the birth rate decreases, pediatricians are still in demand as older children need to see them. It is very unlikely that the demand for pediatricians will decrease because the population is continuing to grow and more people have babies. Job Outlook In Georgia: 20.3%, and annual openings 70 Job Outlook in the U.S: 14.2%, annual openings 20,440. Earnings: 140,690 per year (national median)

6 Related Occupations Chiropractors Dentists Optometrists
Physicals Assistants Podiatrists Registered Nurses Veterinarians

7 University of Tennessee
The college I decided to do my research is on the University of Tennessee, I choose this college because I went in the 8th grade to go see it. I really liked the school it has a lot of interesting stuff, activities, and courses that caught my attention, and it is a really pretty place and if I work hard enough, one day I will be walking on the campus of the University of Tennessee as a student there.

8 Admission Requirements
Reasoning Test or ACT Rigor of Secondary School Record Standardized Test Scores Academic GPA Minimum college GPA required: 2.5 A Note About The College’s Admission Requirements: Admission is based on high school grades in core academics subjects and standardized test scores. Other factors that indicate future academic success considered, as special talents, student statement, extracurricular leadership, community involvement, class rank, and background.

9 Program of Study & Classes I Would Have to Take
Program of Study: Biology Science Major, BS- Ecology and evolutionary concentration. The biological science offers concentrations in biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology; ecology and evolutionary biology, microbiology; and plant biology. 2 Classes I would have to take: Phys 221- Elements of Physics Math 141- Calculus I

10 Student Life & Visiting Campus
Freshman are required to live on campus. Urban setting, have 8 housing options for example, women’s housing, apt for single students, ect. Special accommodations. You can visit virtually In person Special Tours Open House Undergraduate Student Orientation

11 Contact Information Main Address, 800 Andy Holt Tover Knoxville. Tn 37996 Phone Number: (865) Website: Admission Office: 320 Student Services Building Knoxville, Tn Phone Number (865) Contact: Nancy McGlasson

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