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2 Survey Participants 2

3 Consistently Reported Themes Strengths Community is supportive and values education Dedicated and hardworking staff; teachers, professionals and administrators Engaged School Board, does not micromanage Facilities Geographic location is desirable, outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities Great teachers and administrators Small and isolated both a strength and concern, but it gives a sense of community and caring to the students and the schools Spaceport is an excellent resource STEM, NASA and Fish And Wildlife initiatives are growing, appreciated and need to continue Test scores are improving Very good students 3

4 Consistently Reported Themes Challenges/Concerns/Issues Accomack may not be able to attract and retain a high quality superintendent Accomack is one County made up of very unique communities: Tangier, Chincoteague and the many towns and areas of the mainland Competition between schools and perceptions of the quality of schools which vary from community to community Alternative Education programs needs to expand services of services for all secondary children; high school completion rates need to continue to improve Attract, develop and retain excellent staff; pay scales are not competitive with surrounding jurisdictions; better recruitment and retention strategies are needed 4

5 Consistently Reported Themes Challenges/Concerns/Issues Capacity issues at north Accomack elementary schools may require redistricting or some other CIP strategy Central Office Staff needs clearly defined roles, and to be held accountable to those roles to improve communication and services to school-based staff Continue to implement Dr. Benson’s many initiatives Ell student population is growing; high rates of student poverty; additional services, program and staff are needed to address needs Geographic spread can hinder unity of the division Rural environment may not be attractive to younger employees 5

6 Consistently Reported Themes Desired Characteristics Ability to build trust and strong relationships with all constituencies, especially the School Board and BOS Builds strong relationship with businesses and community Experienced and knowledgeable of educational issues in Virginia and nationally Creative and innovative problem solver Curious intellect, ability to question and analyze Engaged Excellent communication and collaboration skills High integrity, honesty and ethics Instructional leader Organizational and management, especially finance, skills Strong and firm—with a backbone Transparent Willing to become long-term resident of Accomack 6

7 On-Line Survey Participants 7

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10 10

11 Accomack County Public Schools Superintendent Desired Characteristics After seeking input from its Board members, parents, staff, students, and community via focus groups, interviews, and an online survey, the School Board of the Accomack County Public Schools (ACPS) seeks a strong educational leader who possesses the following characteristics: Is willing to make a long-term commitment to ACPS and live full-time in Accomack County Possesses financial experience and savvy and the ability to stretch resources with limited funding Possesses the ability to work collaboratively and build relationships and trust with all constituencies in Accomack; community, schools, central office, Board of Education and Board of Supervisors Is a strong communicator who can tell the “ACPS” story to many different audiences Possesses a strong vision for education and provide the leadership, courage and management to achieve that vision Recruits, develops, evaluates and retains outstanding staff members at all levels Demonstrates fairness, ethics and honesty Is both collaborative and decisive, demonstrating inquisitiveness, research, creativity and risk-taking skills Fosters trust and transparency Is process oriented and can define and implement the roles and responsibilities needed for operations, governance and outreach in a diverse and large geographic division With regard to leadership experiences and accomplishments, the successful candidate will: Be or able to be certified as a Virginia superintendent Have experience that includes teaching and being a school-based principal Possess a doctorate (preferred) 11


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